Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Little Blessings Yesterday

1st Blessing: I ran out yesterday to run a bunch of errands. And when I say a bunch, I mean a bunch. I was gone for about 5 hours. I accidentally locked my keys and my purse in my car in the parking lot of my third errand. I calmly went into the shop and asked if I could borrow a phone thinking I could call my parents house and they could call my husband who could then bring me my spare key. My old house number is the only number I still have memorized. Well as luck would have it, my parents had changed their number a few months ago and I completely forgot about that. When I realized I had no other numbers to call I became a bit panicky and about cried in front of all these strangers. But then I decided to go look on the windows of my car and see if there was a roadside assistant number on it. There was and after a brief call someone was sent out to help me. It took less than a 1/2 hour for them to get there and get my car unlocked, and it was free thanks to the company I bought my car from. I was soo grateful for that.

2nd Blessing: I was debating whether to buy a particular Groupon a couple of weeks ago. It was $24 for $50 worth of clothing at Nordstrom Rack. After days of debating I decided to buy it it because I do like that store, especially for their shoes. I was very surprised to find out I had $20 worth of credit on my account so I ended up getting the Groupon for $5. I went yesterday and when I got into the store and started to look around I began to wonder if it was a good idea to buy the Groupon. The main reason being that the Groupon was only good for a month and I wasn't sure if I would find anything in that period of time. The selection yesterday was not the greatest. After much looking around, I found a dress that was really cute. I tried it on though I was sure the size would be off and that it would make me look to old. But it was the only article of clothing I tried on that fit and looked good. I was in love. I ended up getting a pair of sweater tights and a dress for only $5 out of pocket. I have been wanting a new dress but it is rare for me to find one that fits and is modest. I am very thankful that I found one and that I basically got it for free.

3rd Blessing: The gift of friendship. I had begun to worry about whether a particular friendship of ours would hold up for very long because we no longer went to church together and were both very busy. But last night we went over there and hung out with them and a few other friends and it was so fun. Friendships take work, especially as you get older and life is no longer centered around hanging out, but they are worth the effort. 

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