Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Its The Little Moments Like These

This is what I probably look like when I am laughing. My mouth would just be 10x wider.

Its little, random, quite inconsequential moments like the ones that follows, that makes me really appreciate my mom. And it shows how lame my humor is.

Me and my mom went to Costco last night to get paper goods for the wedding. We just left the car and walked around another car. All of a sudden I heard her grunt and say "jeeze" in a shock and annoyed manor. I though she just turned too sharply and ran into the car. Until she walks up and has the following conversation with me (though because of my bad memory I should say, something along the lines of this)

"All these guys were checking you out. Doesn't it ever bother you"
"Whose checking me out?"
"Oh I think it was the guy ahead of us (not ahead of us the whole time) in the blue shirt, and the guys behind us at the car."
"Oh. Well I never even notice when I get checked out. And well Jon loves it."*

*Jon probably really doesn't love it. But I tend to think he should. Cause they are checking out the girl that he has got. K, I have a twisted mind. And in all honestly he just says he has gotten used to it.

I am not telling you this story to let you know that I get checked out. In fact, sometimes I think my friends make it up to make me feel good and important. I tell you this because I love random moments like this with my mom. Where she pulls something completely unexpected out of the hat, that probably isn't meant to be funny, but because of its randomness makes me laugh inside, and sometimes out-loud, for many hours. I hope my kids can laugh with me, and at me, like I do my mom. Because I love my mom a little bit more everytime she makes me laugh. And lots more when she comforts me when I am crying, something that has happened a lot since I got engaged. Oh the stresses of a wedding. Oh the stresses on my wallet. Stupid paper goods. At least I still have things to laugh about.

Secret Menu Items

I think this article is pretty good, even if you don't eat tons of fast food, or don't care about ordering their secret items. The funniest one is Fatburger (#3). The one I wish I could have is In-N-OUT (#7). The most useful might be Chipotle (#4), though I think I already sort of knew it. And I am almost positive I've also already heard about Jamba Juice (#2), as I has a friend that worked there and always talked about the secret flavors. I kinda want to test the green chili sauce out at Taco Bell (#9), only problem is that I can't think of the last time I ate there or if I see a trip there in my near future. Perhaps I will have to plan a special trip there just to test it.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Effort To Be Happy

In an effort to be happy right now I am going to list 10 things I am thankful for:

1. The Gospel
2. Fall weather
3. Jon and his patience with me
4. Chocolate chip cookies
5. Times when I feel incredibly happy
6. That I have 500$ more dollars than I thought I did
7. Clothes and Shopping: Oh how I miss thee
8. crying cause as much as it sucks sometimes it just eases the mind
9. How there is always something to learn and improve upon
10. Good music

Friday, September 25, 2009


At 11:16 EST my sister in law gave birth to a boy (not named yet) weighing 8.5 lbs and 20 inches long. I am an finally an aunt! Got 3 weeks to practice until I gain more nieces and nephews by marriage.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


1. pretty colors
2. yummy smells like pie and pumpkin and spices
3. means birthday season for me, my fiance, my best friend, my brother, and my dad, and the birthdays of some future family
4. lots of good food
5. corn mazes
6. haunted houses
7. presents
8. my wedding that's coming in just three weeks. HOLY SMOKES.....
9. Halloween, Thanksgiving
10. good weather
11. happy people

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Beginning of My Want List For Upcoming Holidays

1. the most amazing tweezers ever. not sure exactly what those are yet but want them.
2. new earrings in lots of cool colors.

I Don't Believe There Is a Monster In My Closet

but sometimes I get these other random fears. Sometimes, when going over a long bridge, I fear it will collapse and I will drown. Perhaps its a side effect of watching the Butterfly Effect. Sometimes I fear that the bridge being built above me will fall onto my car and can't wait for the light to change to green so I can get out from under it. Sometimes I fear that a shark will eat me or I still get stung by a jellyfish, when I am swimming in the Ocean. Sometimes I fear the ladder or piece of wood on the guys truck in front of me will come crashing through my windshield and kill me. It's my punishment for ever allowing someone to show me Final Destination, which certainly made it on my list of stupidest movies ever. Sometimes I fear I will crash into the road barriers or a fence, and once again die a gruesome and painful death. Sometimes, upon climbing up on something, I fear I will fall and hurt myself while getting down, and I get stuck up where I am at. Sometimes I fear a green blob will come out of the tub faucet, a side effect of Ghost Busters, but I've almost completely outgrown that one. Sometimes I fear I will fall to my death but somehow it doesn't stop me from doing whatever it is I am doing. Somehow my fears never stop be from doing anything, but inside I'm having a hard attack and trying not to panic.

What do you fear?

Friday, September 18, 2009


Speaking of which I AM GETTING MARRIED IN A MONTH!!! EEEK!!! I'm sort of excited but two of my fears just keep getting stronger. They are...TMI PEOPLE TMI if you want to stop reading right now...They are: what if I am too hairy for him and what if I can't keep my hair under control. I was born with some hairy genes or a hormonal embalance or something. Hate it. Maybe I am making it sound worse then it is, but as a girl, any hair is bad if its not on my head. AH!!! And What if I fart in my sleep. I know I know. Nasty. But I read horror storys about this all the time and Jon is kinda bathroom prude. Oh man! I'm kinda scared.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My house is crowded. And now its being even more crowded with wedding stuff. I can't wait to get our apartment next month so I can start moving stuff over and uncrowd (is that a word) this place. The craziest part is, we sent out invites last week and we are already getting presents. I'm not complaining about the gifts. Yes I am surprised but I do love them. I just don't have room for them yet. Ah!

Thanks Bed Bath and Beyond for delivering them crazy fast. Too bad you never delivered the registry cards I called about multiple times. Speaking of which, I thought it was the registry cards in the boxes when I saw them, and it about annoyed me. I no longer needed them, and now I have two boxes of them. Blah! But like I said above, I was completely surprised when there were wedding gifts inside instead. I guess Bed Bath and Beyond really step up their game when it counts.

And yes we did stick registry cards in our invites. GASP! I know! Trust me! But as a majority of the people we sent to were Mormon, as we are both Mormon, we had to cater to them. I did, though, leave it out of a few peoples card, taking their feelings into consideration, as technically it is a big social fopa to send registry information in the invitation. Why is it such a big tradition to put the registry card in the invitation in the LDS culture? I am not really sure. We are either way lazy, way smart, way too busy to think about searching for a gift, or well...as you can tell I lack theories big time. If I find out, or come up with a good theory, I will get back to you.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Tired Of Hearing About It

Here is my list of things I am tired of hearing about on Facebook:

BYU's Football Team's greatness
The VMA's
About People's Kids They Babysit

Here is my list of things I am just plain tired off:

Peoples use of explicit language in their status
Peoples use of explicit language on other people's wall
Peoples use of explicit language
Applications for games like the Petshop

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just Some Pictures!

My sister and I were bored so we went to the park and took some pictures after my sort of make up trial. The Bare Mineral lady did it so basically I bought the products to recreate the look. I have confidence that it can be recreated because she didn't do anything too hard. I just needed the right colors and products. And I have an awesome gal helping me out. But the question is...how was I bored in the midst of wedding planning? Is it possible?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Money...I Used To Have It

Until I bought the makeup for my wedding day!!! Do you like the look? Its a horrible picture, I might take a better one later, but you can see the point. I promise it looks better in person though. Yay! Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, I can recreate it later.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Body Is No Wonderland

And if I can't stop taking these meds. and having to eat so many times a day to take them, all my weight is going to come back before I get married :(. My stupid body.

On happy grounds, I beat Jon at bowling tonight. I hate loosing in bowling. It's hard for me to handle. But it was very apparent that I had not been bowling in a long time. We most definitely need to go more often.

Even happier news: the invites are out. We might send more out just because we can but the majority of them are out. So if you think you deserve one, and you don't get it soon, let me know. I have this major fear that they wont get where they need to go. But I might just be crazy. I love how they turned out though and I hope other people like them too, or at least enough not to talk bad about them. They cost us a total of 70$ minus postage. Not bad.

Here are some pictures I have been hiding for a long time. I was hiding them because some of them will be going in a book for our wedding day, but just in honor of Jon and I and getting those invites out, I will give you a glimpse of them.

My personal favorite from the day. Synchronized swimming. Except for look at that looser one on the right. Way to ruin it!!!

I really should not have the guts to show this in public. But I am because its such a bad picture I laugh everytime I see it. Please don't kill me Jon for putting it up.


I keep getting lots of bridal magazines in the mail for free and I don't really need them. If anybody wants them just holler at me. I'd even consider media mailing them to you.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Still lots of tick bites + 2 more problems, one which also causes itching = lots and lots of bruises. Life is good but my body is not so good.

I have never taken so many pills at once. I will be grateful for the next night I can sleep straight through in comfort.

Justin & Mary

are amazing photographers. I don't often follow photographers, but for them I do. Just scroll their blog and see why.

They have just opened up a Choose Our Adventure Contest. They will be hitting up the road for a 20 city Spread the Love Tour but need our help in choosing which cities they go to. Go there now and leave a comment with which city you think they should go to...maybe Washington D.C.???? :)