Friday, May 29, 2009


So first let me apologize to my sister for exploding at her when I found my bathing suits on the floor yesterday. And for all of you let me explain what happened so you will understand the pretext to what I am about to write. Wed night I had washed my bathing suits and hung them on the shower bar to dry as it was the only place I knew they could drip without being in the way. Thursday I woke up and they were all over the floor except for one piece which I finally found still hanging up but pushed all the way to the left of the bar, which I assume happened when Laura moved the curtain. Now I don't know what really happened and I will no longer try and place the blame but when I told Jon about it it led to an interesting discussion.

He said he would much rather have someone take a shower with his clothes still hanging there than move them because he doesn't want other people to move his stuff. But I on the other hand would take offense to someone leaving my clothes hanging on the shower bar while they are showering. In fact I considered that simple etiquette to move my clothes. Yes they may be in your way but it was the only place they could dry overnight and you are taking a shower before me. Almost every time someone in my house is nice enough to move them for me, thankfully. Now first let me ask the readers because I am rather curious (as I previously assumed my position was the only position): Would you rather have someone move your clothes while they are showering or leave them because you placed those clothes there and don't want others moving your stuff?

For some reason this made me wonder about bathroom etiquette. If your like me, you do not think about it often. Sure I hate public restrooms, bathroom issues upon getting married concern me, but I don't often think about the specifics of bathroom etiquette, so I decided to do some quick and light research on it (its hard to sift through stuff on google when doing research on a phrase that includes the word bathroom so this will be quick).

For women in the workplace consider this.

This is one of the first things that came up when I googled this topic. It made me laugh but consider not looking at the website much. I can't imagine how clean it would be so I looked at the title, laughed, then clicked the x button.

For men about to get married, though all can benefit.

How about testing your knowledge on the subject.

Apparently in the home anything goes, which is true to a point. Just be more aware and considerate when you move in with someone new, or visit someone elses home. No two people or families are alike. When you take a shower know if you need to turn the fan on, put a towel on the floor, move the clothes hanging there, or whatever rules they have. Consider not using all the hot water or using excessive amounts of toilet paper. Speaking of which, a teacher told me once that she used to have a neighbor that only allowed one piece of toilet paper to be used each sitting because she hated waste due to going through the depression. I would not go that extreme though. And when you have visitors, cut them some slack.

I found a lot of other blogs about bathroom etiquette but the one I found that was most appropriate in general, most appropriate to the subject of visiting someone elses home, and just rather funny is this one.

Finally, putting bathroom etiquette to the side because it really doesn't have tons to do with the story, what is the most important lesson that Jon has made sure I learn from the situation and our discussion afterwards? People are different. People prefer different things. People get mad and annoyed at different things. It is our job to be careful, to be understanding, to be forgiving, to be considerate, and to be kind. Be more aware of those around you. Be more open so others can be more aware. Be slow in placing blame. Learn to give a lot and take less.

"It were not best that we should all think alike; it is difference of opinion that makes horse races." - Mark Twain

"... the more we love any that are not as we are, the less we love as men and the more as God." - John Saltmarsh

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Here is a quick list of some of the things I love :

french fries with ranch dressing
lemonade especially from Chick-Fil-A
smoothies especially Robeks
good chicken wings
rice crispy treats
when someone rubs my head or plays with my hair
days when I feel good about my body
my friends
finishing a book
Oreos and anything with Oreo
glazed donuts
finding an amazing song
Sweetwater Tavern
getting a compliment from someone unexpected

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Late Memorial Day

This past Memorial Day weekend I went with my Jon's family to Virginia Beach. It was definitely an experience going on vacation with another family, something I have not done in a very very long time. But it ended up being pretty fun, minus my issues on Sunday. The weather was not perfect but we got in enough time on the beach to get tanned/burnt and spent a bit of time in the chilling water. We also went multiple times to a great restaurant called the Jewish Mother. The food there was sooo good and the service wasn't bad either.

Jon and I at a Toad the Wet Sprocket concert they dragged me too on the way to the beach.

At the Beach!!!

How I look when I am not feeling good or feel depressed.

Jon's sis and I while we all road the 4 person bike. Talk about hard work.

I also had the chance to talk about my eyes with Jon's brother who often does eye surgeries. He has given me some tips which I need to follow. My eyes started getting red and feeling wierd about two weeks ago and are just getting worse. I went to a meeting last night and had to leave early because my eyes hurt soo bad I couldnt look straight and I looked like I was crying. Today I wore my glasses and still had a hard time. I was driving with one eye shut and the other eye blinking at a rapid pace. It made for some dangerous driving. But hopefully my eyes start to heal.

Me and Jon have started, thanks to our friends Scott and Brooke, watching the X-Files. I do not fully comprehend every episode but I still really enjoy the series and can't wait to watch more.

Media Update:

Books I am Reading at the Moment :
Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin
God Wants a Powerful People by Sheri Dew
The Associate by John Grisham

Books I Want to Read Next:
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Shows Whose Finales I Recently Saw or Will See Soon:
The Hills - I WILL MISS YOU LAUREN and will probably watch the show no more.

Shows I Want to Catch Up On:
The Unit
Without A Trace

Movies I Saw Recently that I Loved:
Angles and Demons : I waited for this one and it was well worth it. Not a movie for everyone but I definitely enjoyed it.
Taking Chance - Must See for Everybody

Movies I Want to Watch this Summer:
Lord of the Rings - Only seen 1st and part of 2nd. Need to finish the series.
Seven Pounds
Star Trek

On a different note, I went to the gym 5 times last week for the first time ever and cut the sugar down from the week previously which was good because I ate enough of it at the beach. Hope to get back into the regular gym routine next week.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Laura shared this with me....

and I thought it was kind of cute and funny!

Friday, May 15, 2009



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Am Having A Bad Hair Century

So I just looked in the mirror and realized my hair looks good today. And this made me think of something to write about.

I have had many struggles with my body over the years and at the top of the list would be my hair. I can not for the life of me figure out my hair. I almost had it figured out in Utah than I moved to VA and had to find new hair products again. My hair journey since college even included growing it out as long as possible. I grew it out until I saw a picture and about freaked at how bad it looked. Everybody was relieved when I cut it way shorter (even Jon) and have since kept it that length. I have tried many shampoos including Redkin, Dove, Herbal Essence, as well as a few others whose names I can't pull off the top of my head. I have tried creams and hair sprays and mousse. I have tried not washing it every day, not blow drying it, blow drying it, scrunching my hair. You name it I have probably tried it. With all the bad hair days I have had I am just glad Jon is still dating me (good thing for him it never got this bad). My usual technique was just to pull it up in a ponytail or messy bun about halfway through the day.

The highlights of those months were the few times I curled my hair. What a relief to look good once or twice a month. Well then I started using Big Sexy Hair products. I started off with the Hair Spray to keep my curls in. It worked pretty well but I had nothing for the days when my hair was not curled, which was a majority of the time. Then, one day while in Marshalls I saw that they sold some hair products by Big Sexy Hair. Though the mousse was 10& it was a good deal, as at Target its 20$. So I bought it. I noticed a slight difference and was happy enough with the product. During this time I realized another mousse I had been using was not working quite to its potential because I had been using it wrong. It was suppose to help your hair curl (woops). Anyways the Big Sexy Hair mousse I bought was also suppose to help with humidity and between that and Redken 01 Glass Mild Control Smoothing Serum,my hair was not looking half bad. During this time I started also using Herbal Life Shampoo and Conditioner. My dad started selling and using Herbal Life and got us the shampoo and conditioner for reasons still unknown to me. I originally started using it just to test it out. But I never stopped, though I will probably have to now as I have about run out of it :(.

Today I realized how amazing of a change the combination of Herbal Life hair products, Big Sexy Hair hair products, Redken 01 Glass Mild Control Smoothing Serum, a blow dryer, and a small round bristle brush has had. I no longer have as many bad hair days. No more frizzyness and static and limp hair. It just took a long time to find the perfect combination of hair products and routine to get my hair to do something. Perhaps some of my routine is not necessary but I do know that I love the Big Sexy Hair hair products, the Herbal Life hair products, and my blow dryer. I am also realizing that I will have to start spending more money on my hair for it to do anything as many of the cheaper hair products don't work on my hair in Virginia. But that's okay as long as I don't look like no ugly monster anymore.

Now I am just waiting for the day where I will have to move and start the hair adventures all over again.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday

Image courtesy of

Jocelyn!!! I love this girl so much and had a blast hanging out with her on Saturday. She is a very good listener and is very chilled and laid back when it comes to hanging out. Shes also interesting when I do get her to open up more and talk. Shes smart, talented, and has good taste in music. We have been friends for a long time, been through a lot of things together and have had a lot of fun times.

A few of the random memories I have of our friendship :

-The time we went to 7-11 and bought lots of junk food and proceeded to play hide and seek in her basement while eating it all (I have never been sure why this memory is the first one that always comes to mind but it is)
-The endless hours we used to spend chatting with strangers online. Good times.
-When we rode the paddle boats in D.C.
-The time we watched Psycho and we were so scared afterward (though I was asleep for half the movie) that we felt we should watch a better movie but they were all in her brothers room and nobody dared get up and wander the house in the dark. So we fell asleep scared instead.
-The times we have spent chatting on her lake.
- FARKLE games all the time as shes the one that got me addicted to it.
-I owe her my love for ketchup chips.
- The time Joce, Me, Kate, and someone else (maybe Jay) got lots of junkfood and had a party and ended up taking pictures with the food. Random I know but it was hilariously fun.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey Who Is that Hot Mamaseta!!!

So I am officially off of the sugar diet. I might have been able to go longer but decided it was not worth it anymore. I reached my goal and that was enough. My new goal is to moderate how many sweets I eat. Today I tried this Boston Cream Cake my parents friends brought over. I had to try it because a high school classmates father made it and I had heard good things about his bakery. I had a small piece and an even small piece wit me at work. Since I am not a big fan of Boston Cream Cake I said that if I did not enjoy the very small piece I would not eat the rest of it. And it worked. I did not enjoy it as much as I do other deserts so I did not eat it. I will give it away to someone who will enjoy it more. And instead I tried a bit of the key lime sherbet. Now that was some amazing stuff.

I remembered another celebrity crush of mine. Kevin Bacon!!! And I have a movie of his coming in the mail this week. You are all invited to watch it with me. I promise you it will be good.

Sunday I taught Relief Society as I always do on the second Sunday of each month. A few weeks ago I had enough time on my hands to start reading this teaching manual the church put out a while back. I bet you can find it on their website, but I forget what it is called right now. Anyways I decided to take a few pointers from the book like working on remembering names (a hard one for me) and asking questions more often. Because the lesson was on spiritual gifts and because of how the lesson was set up, it ended up being a good lesson to test some of the things I wanted to try out and I think it went well. I am a harsh judge of myself so its hard for me to say that, but based on the students reactions I think I can say that. I really enjoyed preparing for that lesson. I am amazed at how much I feel like I never knew, but really I probably just forgot, about the gospel. It was a great lesson, chapter 33 of the Joseph Smith Manual, and I recommend to all that they read it. Now I hope I can just continue to learn girls names, especially if any more come and leave. Names were not made for my brain to remember.

Friday night Jon and I went shopping for a bit. He had to get a mothers day gift and while there I was informed I might be going to the beach. As I only had one good bathing suit I decided I might need to get another one but knew any attempt at finding one that I wanted to pay for and that I liked would be futile. After a successful trip to Bath and Body Works (where he got me this peach smells so good) we headed to JCPenneys just so I could check. At first glance there was nothing but I decided to try this really cute one on but feared the back would be too low. Upon putting it on I fell in LOVE with it. Its black and white stripped with a pink design on part of it and its sparkley. Maybe Ill put a picture up sometime. Anyways it fit really well. I wasn't going to get the bottoms because I can mix and match with others I happen to have but ended up getting them too because of the style they were made in. I had been wanting a pair in that style for a while. We ended up getting the bathing suit and when I tried both peices on that night, I fell in LOVE with it even more. I am so excited to wear it. But the best part is that for once it only took me 15 mins to find a bathing suite.

After the mall and a trip to Walmart and Target we went back to Jons house and watched the last released Harry Potter so that I could finally be totally caught up with the Harry Potter movies (Lord of the Rings next people). The first half made us a bit resless but the last half was soo enjoyable. So very very enjoyable. And did I mention the movie room was purple. That made the the viewing experience almost a million times better.

Saturday I took Joce out for her birthday. We got our nails done, got chinese food, went on a long walk, chatted, and did a bit of shopping. It is so fun having my nails done for once. I dont get them done often but I should because my hands look a million times better. My finger nails are one thing that I struggle with. I don't take very good care of the finger nails. The technicians at the nail place took very good care of them for me. On our walk a truck drove by and I thought I recognized the guy in the passenger seat so I was starring at the car to see if it was him. Well when it passed by I ended up starring right into the drivers seat and sitting there was this guy named Drew Ford. His story is that we "dated" for 4 days in middle school (i broke up with him) but never talked to each other much after that since we did not have the same group of friends or the same classes. I didn't even think he rememebered it at all but he told one of my friends about it senior year. Hopefully he has had a brain concussion since that time and has forgotten about it. I mean I would never wish that upon anyone...forgetting about me dating them...but just maybe it would be a good thing this one time. We think it might be his family that moved in down the street. HAHAHA. I doubt he still lives at home which is good but its still soo weird to me.

Other significant events of this weekend

-Met Jon's brother Mark. He was a very nice guy, very level headed, and got me inspired to start listening to talk radio more. Which I did at work today and it was fun.
-I ended up playing Mark, Jon, and Jons sister in Halo. I blew big time so it got a little lame at times but it had its funny moments. Maybe some day I will learn the game better by getting one on one training so I can play a bit better. Its not the first time I played but I did a lot worse than I have other times. I think part of it depends on which Halo is being played and what set up is being used. I do really bad when its one on one. Really bad.
-It was mothers day and we got flowers in our singles ward. haha.
-I got a new dress. Its oh so cute.
-Me and Jon finally got a chance to watch The Ultimate Gift. Love that movie, even if the acting sucks. Makes me want to get out and serve people maybe I will soon.

I could probably say a million more things but I need to make myself hit the sack. I didn't get a lot of sleep last night due to waking up early sweating profusely and not feeling good. Hopefully I sleep better tonight. Good night....

Friday, May 8, 2009

Challenge #525 Of This Week

My new hobby is making goals and trying to reach them and challenging myself. So my next goal is to tell you, the readers, at least 25 more things that you don't know about me in an effort to get over the feeling that I am so boring. So here I go!

1. About once a week it hits me how selfish I am being or have been and tell myself that I need to change.
2. Every month since I watched a certain movie last summer, it gets more and more appealing to give everything I own but my clothes and my car away. Downsize to the bare minimum.
3. My friend once hit me while she was riding my bike. I don't remember it really hurting but I got all dizzy and started puking my lungs out. And I remember laying on the couch while my family was watching this animated Book of Mormon movie. Its fuzzy image was left implanted in my brain. Doc claims nothing was wrong with me but my lack of intelligence and being with it at all times might be a direct result of that accident.
4. Whenever people ask me about my most embarrassing moment I always say I can't think of one. But really, I can think of one, only one, and its embarrassing enough for me that I almost never share it. So don't ask.
5. I could never trust a person who hit someones car and didn't leave a note.
6. I went on a cruise a few years ago and almost got kissed by a barely 18 year old who had been drinking.

One moment...gotta finish gagging.

7. I get annoyed with high school boys who think they are sooo coool. Sometimes I forget I used to like guys like that. I call that my past life and claim that when I was that age the boys were not quite as bad.
8. I get annoyed at anything that is blocking the flow of traffic, whether on the road or in a hallway. Move it slow people. You have my permission to slam into me anytime I am blocking the flow of traffic.
9. The color yellow is growing on me fast but I do not dare and try to wear it.
10. I had such bad teeth problems when I was younger that once it was over, I hated talking about it. I am just now beginning to dwell in that part of my life again but it will take a while before I am completely honest about it to anyone that didn't know me at that time. Seriously I don't even talk about it with anyone who did know me at that stage of my life. So traumatic.
11. My list of celebrity crushes include Matthew Mcconaughey, Michael Moscovitz (a character), Shane West, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Wilson Brothers, Jude Law (won me over in the Holiday), Paul Walker (and not because of the Fast and the Furious thank you very much) many more that I cant come up with right now. You probably think I have horrible taste but I don't mind. I will probably think the same about your list.
12. Speaking of crushes....We did this activity in Young Womens, probably about our ideal husband or something. Anyways for reason I cant remember, I gained in my possession a picture of a good looking model on a backpacking trip. I believe it was part of a cologne ad. I kept that thing of years and years and years. I think it even hung on my wall at one time. If I randomly still have it and find it, I promise I will scan it and display it for my embarrassment.
13. I started taking showers every single day while in Young Womens. All the older girls were talking about how they took showers everyday and I realized that I wanted/or should start taking showers everyday.
14. I hate the feel of sweaty armpits, completely, even if I am just sweating a tiny bit. So I use special deodorant to clog the glands there.
15. When you use that doedorant you can't put a shirt on right away and you do it before going to sleep. One time sophomore year I had my shirt half on while laying in bed waiting till I could put it on completely. But before I could do that, I fell asleep. It was a really awkward experience waking up the next morning.
16. Sometimes I regret not holding on tighter to certain friendships of mine.
17. My crazy coworker that accused me of having an affair with my boss no longer works here and I am more joyous about it than I should be.
18. I almost never read the same book twice but sometimes I do because I forgot I had already read the book.
19. I enjoyed almost every book I was forced to read in English. Except for Utopia and a few others that were old and British.
20. Fantasy and medieval period writing never really did it for me but I am testing the waters a bit more now.
21. I loved making up big stories and soap operas while playing barbie dolls and I loved playing house, especially in my friends log cabin.
22. Once I ate these bean like things off this plant just for the heck of it. Later that night I got a stomach ache for a short period of time so my mom called the poison control people and basically told them her stupid daughter wasn't thinking again and ate a piece of some random plant. K maybe it wasn't quite that mean but close to it and plus I deserved it. Who eats random plants after the age of like 8 anyways and lets just say this was in the later years of my teen period.
23. I kind of miss having sleepovers all the time though they are not as enjoyable as they once were.
24. I love when friends make me over. Miss that a lot. I hate doing my own makeup and hair.
25. One time, as a toddler, I ran around outside naked. My mom claims its because I was jealous my brothers didn't have to wear a top while swimming so I just yanked off my bathing suit and went for it. And my mom couldn't stop me because she was at the door with a guy who worked with my dad. Sometimes I get the urge to do that again but I try to stay closer to the realm of being a never nude.
26. I blow at grammar but love English.
27. One time I went to this interview to get special permission to be in Honors English. I told them I suck at spelling but love English. They thought I was a freak but let me in the class anyways. I think maybe I took a test and passed it so they had to let me in. Must not have been tested on my spelling.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


For a while I got so bored in life I started trying to find good coupons online. But I decided I did not grocery shop enough to make it fun and some of the websites were annoying to use. I found this great blog today that I am already in love with and hope to use more in the near future.

So I have decided that I want to come up with a list of things I want through out this coming up year for my birthday and Christmas and all that. And I am going to start it here so I don't forget what I want as I always do and so the list does not get misplaced.

What I Want Part 1

1. Pedometer. I have even found a few good ones on Amazon already.
2. Bike

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I think I have decided I might try and focus more on exercising and maybe relearn the piano if my attention span lasts long enough (still would like suggestions of new hobbies). I have already convinced Jon to do a work out video with me. I promise I will sneak some video footage. Should be quite a funny experience for the both of us. I might do a few with Amanda as well. I want to hike and go on long walks more often this summer and I need to increase my days at the gym. I printed a free calendar today to keep track of all the days I reach my goals. I think it will help me see what I have done and make me want to continue. Oh I also went to go find some healthy flavored water. Some of it is expensive but Fruit2O wasn't too bad and Peach flavored is delicious.

So someone within the last few days has been kind enough to hit my car. It left some pretty big scratches on the back. I wish people were honest enough around here to tell you they hit your car. That's all I ask though it will never happen. But I am trying to forget about it and focus on the fact that its just a car and as long as it runs good I should be happy. So in conclusion Poor baby, I am sorry you got scratched...but I am over it (almost). I never did remember what I named my car. hum...

Trying to Find New Hobby

I am in the search for a new hobby that interests me enough and something that does not have me sitting down all the time with a computer or book like most of my other hobbies. If anyone has any good ideas please share. I do know this summer that I want to hike more and roller blade more and just enjoy the outdoors but I would like something that I could possibly do when there's bad weather or people are busy or its dark outside. I just feel that I need something to make me not feel so useless and semi bored in life as I feel now. I hate being on my computer or in bed reading a book all night when my friends or fiance are busy. I want something that can expand my talents a bit if possible.

I found this today and thought it was useful. Maybe ill try this program sometime with my sister or girl friends.


We found out yesterday that my brother and his wife are having a baby boy in September. When I found out a while ago they were having a kid, everyone had to tell me over and over because I thought they were all lying to me. I never though I would be an aunt at this age. I am super excited but scared the kid may not like me. I will just have to buy its love I guess.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

SUGAR - I Love It & So Do You

As I was sitting at work today I began to think about my change in diet and what I was doing that was good and what I could do better. I have successfully stayed away from sweets for more than two weeks and have at least another week to go. I did though, have half a cup of sugar filled lemonade thanks to Jon and many Ketchup Chips (sorry I have 6 bags to get through. Luckily once they are gone I just cant go to the store and get more).There was also sugar in some of the snack foods I ate that I do not consider to be sweets. Perhaps someday I will cut those out too. But for now, either due to my diet or my decreased appetite, or both, I am down to 115. Sugar can increase your appetite so hopefully cutting out a lot of the sugar is what has decreased my appetite. My main concern is the tiredness and headaches I was getting. Sometimes drastically decreasing the sugar or cutting it out can cause tiredness and headaches for a short period of time but mine seemed to last for a while. Hopefully that has to do with the allergy season.

This short article analyzes the best substitutes for water, flavored water. I don't mind water but I do know that sometimes it just does not do the trick. Especially for those that love juice, which just happens to be packed with sugars. I have not had these particular flavored waters but I am excited to try them out in the near future.

You know those "healthy" foods you buy? Have you ever wondered how healthy they actually are? I for one was surprised to see certain foods I eat on the list of worst "healthy" foods.

For any one that can't curve the sweet tooth consider eating dark chocolate until you like it. Its healthier than any other chocolate. Also try chewing sugar free gum to stop cravings.

As I do not necessarily need to deprive myself of sweets for health reasons I will not cut them out of my diet for forever. I do like this guide for health eating, which maybe ill try to better follow after this sugar diet is over.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

My Last Bit of Wisdom Before Bed

You know you have a great relationship and a great boyfriend when he stays up till 4 in the morning talking to you about life and about your stresses and concerns and emotions. And even though he is painfully dead the whole next morning, he still makes time for you and does not regret one bit of staying up so late talking to you.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Look At That Hair!!!

My Dad and Donald. So Hilarious.


I am reading this great book called Christ Centered Living. The chapter I am reading about has to do with Christ Centered Love. There is a quote from Jeffrey R Holland in it that struck me as truth filled and amazing. The following is not the exact quote but its close enough and the message is the same:

"No serious courtship or engagement or marriage is worth the name if we do not fully invest all that we have in it and in so doing trust ourselves totally to the one we love. You cannot succeed in love if you keep one foot out on the bank for safety's sake. The very nature of the endeavor requires that you hold on to each other as tightly as you can and jump in the pool together. In that spirit, and in the spirit of Mormon's plea for pure love, I want to impress upon you the vulnerability and delicacy of your partner's future as it is placed in your hands for safekeeping--male and female, it works both ways."

"Sister Holland and I have been married for nearly 37 years, just a half-dozen or so years short of twice as long as we have lived without each other. I may not know everything about her, but I know 37 years' worth, and she knows that much of me. I know her likes and dislikes, and she knows mine. I know her tastes and interests, hopes and dreams, and she knows mine. As our love has grown and our relationship has matured, we have been increasingly free with each other about all of that."

"The result is that I know much more clearly now how to help her, and, if I let myself, I know exactly what will hurt her. In the honesty of our love--love that can't truly be Christlike without such total devotion--surely God will hold me accountable for any pain I cause her by intentionally exploiting or hurting her when she has been so trusting of me, having long since thrown away any self-protection in order that we could be, as the scripture says, "one flesh" (Genesis 2:24). To impair or impede her in any way for my gain or vanity or emotional mastery over her should disqualify me on the spot to be her husband. Indeed, it should consign my miserable soul to eternal incarceration in that large and spacious building Lehi says is the prison of those who live by "vain imaginations" and the "pride of the world" (1 Nephi 11:36, 12:18). No wonder that building is at the opposite end of the field from the tree of life representing the love of God! In all that Christ was, He was not ever envious or inflated, never consumed with His own needs. He did not once, not ever, seek His own advantage at the expense of someone else. He delighted in the happiness of others, the happiness He could bring them. He was forever kind."

I have not read the whole speech yet that I found this in but I plan to. Maybe you will enjoy it to.

I had never thought of relationships, commitments, and marriage in quite this way. We can't use what we know about someone to against them. In fact, we need to use what we know to help them at all times. I am glad I have learned this so that I can start working on this principle now.
Charity is not just about helping others. Its more than that and its harder to become charitable than many of us probably assume. Its the Pure Love of Christ. We have to be like Christ first which takes time, much prayer, faith, and action.

I had been reading about service and charity a while back and told Jon I would love to research it. I am so thankful I started reading Christ-Centered Living as it has been a good resource and will help me as I seek to learn more in the future. Especially since I have to give a lesson on Charity in July. Did I ever tell you how much I love teaching. I have never learned as much about the gospel in my life as I have since I started teaching. Its been awesome and I am so thankful for the opportunity.