Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More Recipes

I made this recipe today. I thought it turned out pretty well. My only complaint was that it tasted a bit too peanut butterish for me. Next time I think I would make sure to balance the soy sauce and the peanut butter a bit more. But that might just be personal preference. I would not recommend this for someone who is highly sensitive to hot foods. If you like a bit of heat but not a lot, adjust the hot sauce accordingly. I have used the hot sauce for years and it's more definitely hot.

I also made this one today for Jon's lunch tomorrow. It's my second time around doing it and I mainly just used the leftover ingredients from the first time. We both really liked this recipe and it's pretty darn easy.

I made this one last Saturday. It was pretty darn simple and Jon loved it more than I thought he would. If you have leftover ham this would be a great way to use it. The only thing I would change for next time is rather then pouring the sauce on, I would use a brush and brush it on. The reason for this is when you pour it on it can get on the sides and on the bottom of the role and make it soggy. I hate soggy bread. Jon didn't seem to mind though. I have no other complaints besides that though so I will probably make this again.

P.S. I told Jon tonight how I have learned tons about fruits and vegetables since getting married. Mainly, I have learned how fast they go bad. Like the watermelon I bought. For some reason I had this notion that watermelon lasts a long time if you don't cut it open. That is not true. It didn't even make it 9 days :(. Oh well. You live, you learn. Oh and I also learned that it is never a good idea to buy 7 different types of fruit in one week, especially when you husband doesn't eat much of it. I just need to remember: just because it sounds good doesn't mean I should buy it.

Monday, June 14, 2010

"Seven Miracles That Saved America"

I like to inform you on what books I am reading, and I tend to like the books I choose to read, but I don't think I have read a non-fiction book recently that I have found as thought provoking and enjoyable as Seven Miracles That Saved America: Why They Matter and Why We Should Have Hope by Chris Stewart and Ted Stewart. It is not often that I read books that increase my love and respect for America, and for all the people that have sacrificed much in their lives so that America could be a land of freedom and liberty for all. At least not to the extent this book did.

The book is split up into 8 chapters plus an introduction. 7 of those chapters are about an individual miracle and the 8th is the conclusion. The introduction was my least favorite part of the book but of the 8 chapters I could not tell you which one was my favorite because they were all so good. Even the conclusion. Some of the miracles discussed are Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of the New World, the Consitution, Abraham Lincoln and the Battle of Gettysburg, The Miracle at Midway, and Ronald Reagan. The chapter I new the least about was The Miracle at Midway and while it was hard to get through because it was all about a military battle, I was so excited about it upon finishing, I couldn't stop gushing about it to my husand.

Some of these chapters, like Christopher Columbus and Ronald Reagan, are about people that are still much debated about and while they take a pro stance for both, I do not think I would consider this a conservative nor a political book. In fact, I view it as mostly just a book that ties history and religion together. If you love God, have even the slightest belief that he had a hand in the building and protection of the USA, and if you love history, you will like this book. 

I might quote or talk about this book a bit more in the next few weeks but for now let me end with one of my favorite parts of the book (I have soo many) :

In the closing chapter he talks about how unrighteous many of us feel our country is becoming and then proceeds to talk about a parable in Genisis where God would save a town from distruction if there were but 10 righteous people and God said he would. After, that the author writes:
Surely there's a lesson for us here. Maybe we have reached the point where we, as an entire people, are no longer worthy of God's blessings...
But, in a sense, it may not matter quite as much as we think, for God has shown his willingness to save an entire people for the sake of the righteous, even if they are but a few.
If that is true, maybe we need not worry so much about our country and our people and whether our society has become too wicked, for surely there are a few wicked among us. Instead, maybe we need to concentrate on our own lives, our own goodness, our own families. Are we one of the fifty? One of the ten? Are we, those of us who still believe, living our lives in such a way that we could convince God to save our nation if only for the few?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Random Events In My Life

Event number 1 : The day we got back from vacation I went into the guest bathroom and saw a bunch of black dots on the floor in the corner. I thought the annoying ants had comes back but when I got up close I could tell it wasn't dead ants. I was a bit confused as to where random black stuff could come from so I asked my brother-in-law if he knew as he had been apartment sitting for us. He said that when he turned the fan on earlier it made a very strange noise. Based on the looks and smell of things we could tell it was some type of animal. The next day Jon tells me he thinks he knows what it is and that it will bother me. So of course I have to know. He says he heard birds up there and believes it was a nest of birds and that the internet says you should leave them there and in the next week or something when they mature enough, the birds will leave. Now I feel for birds and do believe in leaving nests alone when at all possible but when you live in a small apartment that can stink up really fast, the smell can become too much. So we put in a request with the apartment and the next day a young man came and got most of the birds out (including dead ones), cleaned it out, then said he would come back the next day to finish the job. The next day he was able to get the last bird out through the side of the fan leading outdoors and told us we should be good. I believe the fan works now but the smell is still lingering. As I told my friends, I've recently learned that I love animals more than I ever thought I did, but I don't yet love animals being in my home (the exception perhaps being a turtle).

Event number 2 : I was at Wegmans in line behind these two old ladies. Upon leaving I find out that I also happened to park beside them. After I got to my car and put the groceries away, one of the old ladies comes over to my car, views my bumber stickers, and laughs at me. The type of laugh that means they believe your views are lame. It was awkward.

Event number 3 : Jon and I are going to youth conference as mas and pas for their pioneer treck. I find us an odd pick as we are young and all other mas and pas are old. I am very concerned and freaked out but I do know it will be a very good and very spiritual experience if I want it to be. Needless to say I am still in shock about it. (p.s. to anyone that knows Jon's youngest sister : this is suppose to be a secret, so no telling.) I will give more details about it next month. For now I need to go find some pioneer clothing.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Just Wanted To Say

Hi!!! Enjoy you weekend!

I will update you on all my random life events very soon.