Monday, January 28, 2013

Breakfast in San Fran

If you are in San Francisco and are in need of a great place for breakfast or brunch, hit up Mama's.  I wanted to try it due to its reviews on yelp and how good the food looked, but a part of me was still skeptical and didn't know if I wanted to chance driving into San Fran and standing in a long line for a sub par meal.  But my husband commented after our meal that it was one of the few times that something was worth standing in line for and I agree.

We ordered the chocolate cinnamon french toast (as seen above), the Blackstone Benedict  and the Monte Cristo.  It was quite a bit of food but I couldn't convince Jon not to get the Benedict and I not only wanted to try the french toast and Monte Cristo, but I wanted a safety net item just on the off chance one of us hated what we ordered.  We had not had great luck recently with trying new breakfast places or with finding edible french toast so I was a bit scared.

Jon said his Benedict was okay.  He didn't love it was but he did eat it all and it wasn't the worst he's had.  This was our first time trying a Monte Cristo.  Jon was obsessed with it after just one bite so we ended up splitting the sandwich.  I really enjoyed it too and wish I could have one whenever I want with just the snap of my fingers.  I was a bit worried because it didn't look amazing but as they always say, "don't judge a book by its cover."  After having so many experiences with awful french toast, the chocolate cinnamon french toast was the dish I was most skeptical about.  We ate there just one week after I told Jon to never ever allow me to order french toast again when eating out.  But it just looked sooooo good that I couldn't help but order it.  And oh my goodness, was it worth it!  The texture was perfect.  The taste was perfect.  And the berries were oh so fresh.  It tasted like heaven.  If I could only get some right now....

Mama's has certainly made it to the top of my list of places I must visit next time I am in town.  I just wish we had had the opportunity to go more than once while we were living here.

You must go if you are ever in the city.

Other breakfast places worth mentioning:

In Palo Alto:  A Good Morning - We eat here semi frequently.  The food isn't as amazing as Mama's but its consistently delicious.  Jon adores their Benedicts and they have a great menu with options for everyone.

In San Fran:  Nook - On Russian Hill, Nook is a small cafe that serves good food with very fresh ingredients.  If we hadn't wanted to try Mama's the last time we went into the city, we would have eaten here for the second time.  It isn't necessarily a place you would drive into the city just to eat at, but if you are in the area and need some good food or even just a drink, be sure to stop by.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Broken Promises and New Beginnings

When I moved to California I swore I was going to start blogging more often and attempted to.  But then I disappeared once again from my blog.  I promise this time I have a good excuse for my absence.  And this excuse is also a general announcement for anybody who may follow this blog who isn't a friend of mine on facebook.

The hubby and I are welcoming a baby into our family in June.  So come last October, I began to struggle with all the woes of the first trimester.  I had no motivation or reason to blog during that time as I was pretty contained to my bed.  But I am feeling much better now and hope to update you on a few things we did here in San Francisco and a few things regarding my pregnancy.

But I make no promises of when.  The hubby got a new job that is taking us to Hawaii and for the next month or two we will be dealing with the various aspects of moving.  I could write another post tomorrow or it could be a month from now, but I promise I have not completely forgotten this blog.