Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Should Be In Church But...

I am itchy and tired from Seed Ticks.

Geocashing is fun and I have done it in Utah at night. But we learned our lesson never to do it in Virginia at night time, and to stay out of woods that don't have paths. Friday night we never succeeded in finding anything while geocashing, which at point point let us into a wooded area, so we decided to relax and watch a movie. The problem was that me and Jon were really itchy the whole rest of the night. So when I got home I checked my body and found little bugs crawling all over me. I immediately jumped into the shower and scrubbed and washed my hair. But upon getting out I saw that there were still many on me. I, and later my sister, assumed they were ticks which you would think would drive me nuts but I have had tick infestations before on me so it didn't freak me out too much. So I just started tweezing them off and then made my sister come help. They were pretty easy to get off and we got all that we could find then I headed to bed thinking I was good to go. But when I woke up the next day I found a few more and my mom had to come help get some off. And I was starting to break out in these red large itchy bumps. Jon was made aware of the situation the previous night and by the time we got together to furniture shop he still hadn't found any on him. But we warned our friends we had hung out with so they could check themselves too just in case the problem wasn't just me.

Later that night after dinner I found a few more and the itching and bumps were getting worse. I woke up halfway through the night soo itchy and couldn't sleep because of it. I was beginning to think they weren't ticks because I had never heard of ticks leaving behind itchy itchy bumps. I semi zoned out after rubbing toothpaste all over the parts that itched the most.

But then Jon woke me up, texting me saying that he found some on him and would be late to church. I called him and go the low down. He woke up that night all itchy and finally got up and checked himself. He found a tick and then some more. He googled the problem and found out that we had seed ticks. You can read about them here. Basically they are baby ticks that are more annoying than dangerous. He also didn't get much sleep and was still finding them this morning. So we both decided no church because we not only had to take care of the problem but we were itching like crazy people. I called our friends again to give them the heads up and found out they also found tons of ticks on them eventually. It seemed to take everybody else a bit of time because they are so small you can barely notice them but once you see one you can spot the rest. Perhaps I had more or something because I noticed them pretty fast. So now all of us are vacuuming, doing loads of laundry, checking ourselves constantly, and trying our hardest not to itch the bumps. Did I mention I am also extremely tired?

And can I just say that BOY DO I LOOK UGLY TODAY!!! Kinda like a monster.

Friday, August 28, 2009

I Am A Big Believer...

I am a big believer in doing what you want at your reception. Why should everybody be forced to have a cookie cutter reception when receptions are suppose to be a celebration of you and your husband/wife. If its going to celebrate you why not throw a party that represents the both of you. I for one find Mormon receptions boring so we are going to throw in some activities like coloring pages for the kids and a quiz for the adults. I am going to have a small desert table with deserts that I love. And we are having a nice but relaxed reception which kind of represents who me and Jon are.

Since I have begun blogging I have read many unique ideas for weddings. These of course include photo booths, desert bars, candy bars, and receptions that are completely focused around something such as music.

Two such unique ideas that I have read in the last few days that I just loved are as follows:

One gal on weddingbee (ill post the link if I run into it again) was trying to find a caterer that fit within her budget. One caterer proposed the idea of doing a gourmet hamburger bar complete with vegetarian options, onion rings, sweet potato fries, poppers, etc. How yummy does that sound? Downfall is it could get messy and the bride would want to consider wearing something other than her wedding dress but I for on know my fiance would love this. Maybe I will steal this idea for a party in the future.

The next idea was found while stalking facebook. A TA I had once is getting married and having a reception at what looks like to be my ex professors house (kinda makes me miss college a bit). On the event page for the reception they put where they were registered. But then they also said that they had set up a scholarship fund to help students achieve their educational goals which people could donate too in place of a gift. They set it up in honor of their mothers who believed in the power of education and had worked hard to support them in their academic goals. I think that it is an amazing and selfless thing to do. While I have heard of couples who donated money in honor of their guests I have not yet heard of a bride and groom who have set up a charitable fund that guests can give to instead of giving a gift. What a great idea!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Secret Life Of Elizabeth

As of today, I have lint rolled my carpet and my car.

Sometimes Id much rather hand wash a floor than use a mop.

When I don't have my glasses on or my contacts in I read with one eye shut. I am not sure it helps me read better but I can't help it.

I have a hard time keeping completely still while reading things. This usually means my hand is fiddling around or touching stuff all around me. I can't stop it.

Sometimes I feel like I need lots of attention or no attention at all. The middle ground is hard for me.

My Love...

See the picture above! Its one of my many loves! Rice Krispie Treats probably makes it in the top 10 things I love the most. Oh Yum!!! Once at girls camp the question during the game was what is your favorite desert. Everyone mentioned something amazing, complicated, and delicious. Then they got to me and my answer was simply Rice Krispie Treats. If I didn't love them so much I would have felt like an idiot and hid from all the strange looks I got. I love them so much I want them at my wedding reception. They deserve a place on the table. And luckily, thanks to a friend of mine Brooke, they will. She so kindly gave in to volunteering to cook some of them for my reception.

And this is just one example of the many ways people have volunteered to help. I am so thankful for everyone who have offered their time and talents to help with my reception. I never realized so many people would be so kind to me and I am not sure I deserve it. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and hope I can find a way to give back to them. If for no other reason, I will enjoy my reception just for the simple acts of kindness that went into it.

And on another note, the picture links to ehow. It says "how to make the best rice krispies treats ever." I wonder if they are??? Do you think the article rating is a good indication that they aren't?

Well if anybody out there makes Rice Krispie Treats anytime in the next year or two feel free to send me some. I'd even give you my address so you could.

"The purpose of fun is to have it."

My best friend Amanda is going back to school on Saturday so we hung out yesterday evening. I have been a really bad friend as of late but hopefully that's semi expected of engaged people. But I do still feel bad.

One of the things we did was get Chinese food. Which may not seem like a big deal but I love Asian food. A lot! And Jon not so much so. And I feel bad making him go so whenever I can get it with girlfriends I am overjoyed. It was delicious. After we stuffed ourselves, we met up with Jon and decided to relive our past. Before Jon and I dated we used to spend our summers chilling with Amanda. An event that would occur each summer is we would just go out and about at night and take pictures at random places. We have about ran out of places nearby but we were able to fine a few locations last night, mainly a fountain and a park. It was fun. An example of pictures we would and did take are below.

Now I am not telling you all this because I think you care that we went out and did something so childish. I am telling you this because that night as Jon is leaving he says "you were a lot of fun tonight." And as it got me thinking I realized something. I have become way good at chilling and relaxing lately in between all the planning and other life events going on. But I have not been that good about just having plain old fun. I almost feel like I don't know how to have fun anymore. I'm no longer good at just sitting down and having a silly conversation. Or going out and doing nothing but still having the best time ever. And that's not a good thing. But last night gave me a bit of hope. So it is my goal from here on out to try and have more fun and to be more fun. Even if it means I have to schedule myself to have fun. Sounds weird but maybe it would work....possibly. Anyways, I think this goal will improve my life, my emotions, and my relationships.

So here is to having fun!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Givaway

Geezees Custom Canvas Art is giving away to one lucky person a 9x12 of 10x10 canvas of their choice. I ran into this Etsy seller a while back and thought they were awesome but have not had a chance to get one yet. You should check it out on her blog and also check out her Etsy store. Its worth it, I promise.

Don't Read if You Don't Care About My Wedding

I haven't given a wedding update in a while so here is a quick one :

Today I am turning in rental applications for the apartment we want. Pray for us that we get it. I love the complex so much.

We ended up paying someone to design our invites. They are very simple like we planned but they will print better than the ones we designed. I will try to post more about this later.

I am still trying to think about the deserts. I am still thinking the wedding cake, apple pies, and perhaps something else like donuts or rice krispie treats.

My shoes came in but were messed up. I sent them back and got a new pair but they were slightly messed up. I am communication with the company now to see what can be done. They claim I can just wipe it clean but I will not attempt that until they promise I can return them if it doesn't work.

My bracelet came in. Quite pretty. Will possibly post more about it later.

Our wedding book is almost done. Its been quite a project. Hopefully it turns out well. Maybe i'll post some pictures of it upon completion.

We found a restaurant that we will most likely host the family dinner at. Like above, I will post more about this when it becomes more concrete. We needed something though that wasn't too costly per person and which offered a big variety. The place we found has a nice back room for large groups, is Italian, and is very open to what their customer wants to do.

Major things that still need to get done:

Dress alterations
Print and send out of Invitations
Photographer (decision to be made real soon. promise)
etc., etc, etc,

My DIY projects include:

Painting A Wooden "Love" Sign
Covering Candle Votives in Bees Wax
Possibly make some sort of sign of picture thing for above the mantel


One or two event tickets to buy
One more hotel to book (3 already booked)

I feel that many brides take over their whole blog with wedding stuff. But many of them are having a larger wedding than me. I have decided that for my sanity I will not do this and will still blog about life in general. But I will try and be better at posting updates and perhaps information on some of the things I do and decisions I make.

Monday, August 24, 2009

For Any One Planning A Wedding

The Roddy Bride is offering a giveaway on her blog. Deadline is August 30th. The basic details of the giveaway are

"Two of my FABULOUS readers will receive:
  • 200 Custom Postcards (choose your size: 4x6, 4.25x6, 5x7"); 14pt gloss or matte, 13 pt uncoated
  • Full Color on both sides (4/4)
**Fine Print**
  • Shipping must be paid by Winner.
But make sure to check out her blog for more details about this giveaway!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Short Thought Before Bed

I think a question often asked or often thought by those that pray, is if their prayers are being answered. Sometimes I feel that when I offer a prayer it either isn't being answered or the opposite thing of what I wanted is given to me. Sometimes it seemed to happen so much that I just stopped asking for things I really wanted. Sad but true. Well as I have studied prayer specifically and the gospel in general, I have learned a few valuable things. These are not profound or something you probably haven't heard already but I wanted to share anyways.

First one must have faith. If you question it, even if its because it was not answered last time, you are not asking with the right frame of mind. Enos 1: 15 states
"Wherefore, I know that the Lord God was able to preserve our records, I cried unto him continually, for he had said unto me: Whatsoever thing ye shall ask in faith, believing that ye shall receive in the name of Christ, ye shall receive it."
You must have faith but that is not enough. 1st Nephi 15:11 states
"Do ye not remember the things which the Lord hath said?—If ye will not harden your hearts, and ask me in faith, believing that ye shall receive, with diligence in keeping my commandments, surely these things shall be made known unto you.”
We must also do our part. If we ask for help with something, he won't do it all for you. If you don't do what you can, he wont do what he can.

I love this quote by Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve.
“If you seek His help, be sure your life is clean, your motives are worthy, and you’re willing to do what He asks—for He will answer your prayers. … He loves you perfectly and wants to help you” (Ensign, Nov. 1989, 32).
We must have faith, do our part, be worthy of his help, and be open to do what he asks. That's another key thing so let me reiterate it. We must be open to do what he asks of us or tells us to do. And he will know if we are not willing.

Having faith is hard sometimes. Doing what we need to is hard sometimes. Being open to answers is hard sometimes. But remember that we can also pray for the faith needed, pray for the motivation we need to do our part, pray that we will become open to the answers given. The Lord knows us best and knows what we can and can not do. Don't forget that he is always willing to help us but he can not do everything for us or we will never develop emotionally or spiritually.

I sometimes struggle with prayer but I know that the more I pray and the more I study the gospel the more effective my prayers will be. And that as long as I continue in the right mindset, having faith in our Lord and Savior, and making myself open to his help, he will be there for me and answer my prayers in the best way possible.

And to end this with just a bit of humor scroll down on this posting tell you reach Boldtext Pew Bible: King James Version. I'm repenting now for showing you this, but I just read it and thought it was too perfect after what I wrote. And just so you know, the Bible is not totally faulty but I am sure Jed already knows that.

To Trying To Be Happy

Is it weird that I can't stop looking at this picture? That I really really admire this woman's back? That I want her back? That it makes me want to be taller?

I need to start going back to the gym again. It would probably help me feel less lazy, less tired, less emotional, and less stressed (and maybe get a back like that?)

Speaking of which, I've noticed that as I have gotten older I have been more emotional. And some days I am just straight out depressed. I thought I was getting better tell lately where I seem to get sad and depressed a lot. Sometimes for long periods, sometimes right before bed. Luckily sleep usually helps so perhaps its just how my body tells me I'm running it down. But I hate being depressed. Absolutely hate it as any person in their right mind would (but am I in my right mind? hum). I have even made a goal of being more positive but its hard when you feel sad. Perhaps when I start hitting up the gym again that will help. Or maybe I just need to make sure I get 8 hrs of sleep a night.

What about the fact that I feel fat though my weight has been down for the past months. Why do I still feel fat? Again I need to start going to the gym. Why is it a constant struggle to eat? I love food but food to me equals weight gain, at least in my mind, and at least since I lost weight. I will not allow myself to start having eating issues so I am telling myself right now to STOP IT. To bad the gym probably wont help this one since I have gotten good at depriving myself of food (not as bad as it sounds. I promise. I still eat and eat too many sweets).

Anyways on with the positive in life:

I saw GI Joe. Don't recommend it unless your a guy that watches things purely for action.

I saw Julie and Julia. I enjoyed it, Jon didn't. Chick flick all the way. But I am not sure I can recommend it because of the language. A bit much for me though my sister says she didn't even notice. But I do give it props for making me laugh a lot. Maybe I loved it lots because the younger girl reminded me a lot of myself, minus her cooking skills. That I am still working on.

My computer was near its destruction. You name a problem, it had it. Don't let your virus protectors expire. Jon was a saint and took a bunch of his time out to fix it. It works now. Whahooo!!

I made baked spaghetti on Sunday for the first time. No one complained, got sick, or died so I think it turned out okay. I made it as I make a lot of things. Look at a lot of recipes then just kind of put together my own based on those. I don't always follow measurements. Bad Cook! Anyways I kinda really enjoyed the meal. And it was fun having Jon's brother over for dinner since my dad and his family is gone out of town. I thought my family would scare him but apparently they didn't. Good sign right? It was actually one of the funnest nights I have had with the family in a while. It wasn't just dinner and run for one. Whahoo to family and food.

I got a cute pair of shoes in PA that I should post a picture of. They were 50% off or something. I wish I had a thousand dollars to just go shop with for once. Eh oh well. Better for my soul that I don't.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Yes I am A Stalker

I have some stalkerish hobbies. My two favorite activities to pass time away is to check out peoples facebook profiles, view their pictures, see who they are dating, who they are friends with, etc., and to read blogs.

I usually decide to start following a blog based on its content and what it does for me. I follow some blogs simply because they talk about wedding and wedding planning and thats what im in the midst of now. I follow other blogs because I once met the person, because they have the same political beliefs as me, or because they are funny. There are blogs I follow that post coupons, links to free stuff, or information about events. But my favorite type of blog to follow are those that I feel could help me to become a better person, a better fiance/soon to be wife, and a better friend. I like advise, wisdom, and knowledge.

And on that note, I would like to share with you some of the blogs that I feel could help me to become a better person:

Sensibly Styled is one I found today. Its focus is modesty. How great is that? Do you have problems finding modest clothes or being fashionable and modest, then check out this blog. I promise its great.

Rockstar Diaries is super awesome. Why? Because its written by a Mormon chick whose got a great marriage, great style, and is very talented. She is also very dedicated to focusing on the things that make her happy. Something I need to be better about in my life. If anything its also fun to read.

That Wife is written by a lady who wrote for Wedding Bee. I started going onto Wedding Bee way after she wrote for them but I ran into her writing one day and read all her postings from the beginning to the end and then luckily ran into the personal blog she started after she got married. Shes Mormon, also got a great marriage, very open, talks a lot about the scriptures and her marriage, is a very talented photographer, and has a fun personality.

I dont necessarly follow these blogs because the girls are Mormon. But because they post about valuable things, about what makes their life happy, about what keeps their marriages strong, about the lessons they learn in life, about good values, and about being modesty and fashionable. I want to simply thank them for taking the time to write about the good things in life and for helping me in my quest to becoming a better and stronger person.

Much love to all!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Budgetting Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

I am finally back in the real world after a short vacation/disappearance from reality. Logan came to visit and we went to PA to chill for a few days. But on with what I wanted to quickly talk about at this moment. Recently I found a blog. titled That Wife, that I decided I liked enough to follow and I wanted to highlight one of her posts. I found this post interesting as budgeting, spending, and good money habits is something I have been studying a bit for the past year. In fact me and Jon read Total Money Makeover soon after we started dating. I found this posting about budgeting interesting because instead of starting off with a specific amount for each category and trying to stick to it, they built up their budget. I kind of like this idea because I think its more exciting to see money build and this is an easier way for one to see it accrue. I also love how they included the categories gifts and electronics as I think those would be easy categories to forget about.

Another idea that Jon and I have thought of is giving each person a certain amount of money each month for personal use. The only problem I see from it is that we may have trouble coming up with what is considered personal use. If Jon eats out for work because he feels like it would help his career is that personal use or not? And if not, and it happens a few times a week, should I get a similar amount to use outside of my personal budget? Where does the equality begin and end? Could we say that he can use funds to eat out with coworkers a few times a week and I get a bigger budget for clothing as we know girls spend more on clothes anyways?

What I don't want to happen is for someone to forgo something they want and perhaps need because someone else within the couple spent money that they may not necessarily need to (this is in no way related to example above). I also want each month to end with savings once all initial debt is paid off. And it would be nice to not feel like we are scrimping all the time so that we wont be tired of that feeling come time we actually need to tighten our budget a lot, though I know this wish may be unrealistic.

Any ideas or different budget models that you've seen, liked, and perhaps even used?

Monday, August 3, 2009

I Am Going Crazy

Jon has been gone since Wednesday for a family reunion. I honestly got through it way better than I thought I would. Mainly thanks to my bff Amanda, staying busy, and being soo tired on Saturday that I couldn't feel anything. But right now, though I am tired again (dang not being more responsible), I feel it. I am slowly going crazy. But not really from not seeing him. I just need to talk to him. Hear from him. Hear his voice. If that would just happen I think this feeling would go away. Ah! I can't stand it.

But since he left, I have had a grand time too. Wednesday I went out shopping with Amanda. We do what we do best. We bought the same exact items. Its a good thing she goes to school at SVU. We bought the same purses, one even in the same color. They were just such awesome purses. Thursday was institute. Friday we went to dinner, went to a party, and went out for a late night snack with some friends. Saturday I took a trip up to the temple with my mom to take care of something which left me in utter tired misery, took a long nap, woke up soo tired still and went through the good part of the evening half awake. Laura took me to this place called Eden. It's like a Vietnamese colony within Virginia. So different but the food at the restaurant we ate at was pretty good. The only problem is they didn't take credit card. WHO DOESNT TAKE CREDIT CARD??? Laura went to go find an ATM when a waiter came up and told me that they would take check and thankfully I've started carrying my check book around. After that we celebrated with a Japanese movie to end the night. Sunday was church, break the fast, and watching Taking Chance with Amanda. So as you can see I, thankfully with the help of family and friends, had a full full schedule. But again today I am tired.

At the party I got hit on majorly by 31 year old Steve. Apparently he did not notice my ring. So funny yet so awkward. I was certain that he would have gotten my number if I had given him the opportunity. He eventually left the party when Amanda and I did not give him another chance to talk to us. Everytime Jon leaves town I get hit on. Why oh Why???? STOP LEAVING TOWN JON!!!

4 more days and my summer adventure, break, trip, w/e its called occurs. Can't wait....PA here Logan and I come.