Friday, January 25, 2013

Broken Promises and New Beginnings

When I moved to California I swore I was going to start blogging more often and attempted to.  But then I disappeared once again from my blog.  I promise this time I have a good excuse for my absence.  And this excuse is also a general announcement for anybody who may follow this blog who isn't a friend of mine on facebook.

The hubby and I are welcoming a baby into our family in June.  So come last October, I began to struggle with all the woes of the first trimester.  I had no motivation or reason to blog during that time as I was pretty contained to my bed.  But I am feeling much better now and hope to update you on a few things we did here in San Francisco and a few things regarding my pregnancy.

But I make no promises of when.  The hubby got a new job that is taking us to Hawaii and for the next month or two we will be dealing with the various aspects of moving.  I could write another post tomorrow or it could be a month from now, but I promise I have not completely forgotten this blog.

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