Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Marriage Improvement

Cheesy wedding picture! 

I like to read books and blog posts about marriage.  Whether its about sex (from Christian focused perspectives), why your husband is the way he is, or how I can be a better wife, I find it all interesting and helpful.  We all know relationships take work.  They are hard and new challenges always seem to pop up.  There is no way we can be prepared for everything nor will we ever be the perfect spouse.  Learning and educating myself is one of the best ways I can not only be prepared for the future, but also be reminded of how I may be failing in my marriage, and how I can improve myself.   

I have had a few random marriage focused posts in the past but I am considering of making it a more common subject on my blog.  It may be that I am developing strong feelings on the issue or it may be that I really need to focus on this area of my life (babies don't make marriage any easier).  Not really sure, but either way marriage is something I like to study and I might as well share what I learn.  

For now, I want to share with you one of my favorite We are That family posts.  Kristen posted the following: 100 Ways to Make Your Marriage Mediocre.  Her list totally resonated with me.  I am guilty of so many of the things on the list that it really made me realize how much I need to start working on myself and how I react and treat my husband.  I want my marriage to be out of this world amazing and rock solid and for that to happen I need to start perfecting myself.  I need to learn to react better, watch what I say, be more kind, be more giving, be more romantic, and be more fun.  And that might be just the beginning of the list of things I need to do.  Eek!  So today I vow to start working on bettering myself and my marriage. (Now I just need to remember that I made this goal...please cooperate pregnancy brain.)

By the way, my favorite on her list is #61.  No, I have not read it, but I know enough about the book to know that this book will probably hurt more marriages than it will help.  I do not understand peoples fascination with this book except for the fact that it seems to be society approved porn.  No good!

P.S. Happy almost Valentines Day! 

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