Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hell Can Freeze Over....

So I have not posted in a while but will not post some big long update like I have in the past. Pretty much the only update is I GOT ENGAGED!!! Jon proposed the Saturday after I got back my Utah. It was a very good proposal. If you want to hear it feel free to email me. But the sad news is that with being engaged comes stress and an extra load on the plate. I have to plan a wedding. Luckily I have amazing friends who are more than willing to help but I am not sure if I will fulfill this task. But I guess no matter what happens, how sucky the reception is, how lame my dress looks, I will have Jon as a husband. Anyone good at wedding planning though?? Anyone, Anyone???
Well my postings might be a bit sparse for a while but I will try my best to post something everyone once in a while, perhaps updates on the wedding plans, perhaps some random thought that happens to break through the barrier of the wedding planning. For now just remember That yes Hell Can Freeze Over for I am engaged.

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