Saturday, April 4, 2009


K that song just happened to be on at this moment on Pandora and I happen to love it and that line happens to describe exactly how I feel right now. But thats not the point of this blog actually. The point is to ask a few questions

1. Why do guys check me out when they are on dates with other girls?
2. Why is it awkward running into old friends?
3. Why do I no longer know how to entertain myself?
4. Why are my friends so good to me when I am such a sucky friend?
5. Why do people swear so much?
6. Why cant I get to bed even when I am exhausted?
7. Why do I spend so much time on facebook?
8. Why was everyone dressed up tonight? Did I miss something?
9. Why am I not good at developing friendships with girls?
10. Why did feel the need to come up with ten questions and not leave the list at 4?

Anyways life is strange for me right now. But I know that relying on the Lord can get me threw anything and everything and will bring me peace so Amen for that. And for that simple peace of knowledge I am grateful to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am just sad I could not stay awake during the second session of conference. I will have to read the talks when they are published.

Work has been pretty slow so I have been able to catch up on NCIS. Love that show. The character development is so clever and funny. Tony and Abbey are the best ever and the jokes are so hilarious. I highly recommend that show. But sometimes I feel bad not doing a lot at work. I wish I had more training so I could do more for the company but I don't and my boss has a bad habit of not answering his phone which doesn't help me and hes been out of the country for a long time. But hopefully everything will work out and maybe I will get trained when he gets back into the country. Or maybe I will find out I'm working for some drug dealer or some other illegal business. That would be kind of cool. Or maybe my boss is a spy? Just think of all the possibilities....

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