Sunday, June 13, 2010

Random Events In My Life

Event number 1 : The day we got back from vacation I went into the guest bathroom and saw a bunch of black dots on the floor in the corner. I thought the annoying ants had comes back but when I got up close I could tell it wasn't dead ants. I was a bit confused as to where random black stuff could come from so I asked my brother-in-law if he knew as he had been apartment sitting for us. He said that when he turned the fan on earlier it made a very strange noise. Based on the looks and smell of things we could tell it was some type of animal. The next day Jon tells me he thinks he knows what it is and that it will bother me. So of course I have to know. He says he heard birds up there and believes it was a nest of birds and that the internet says you should leave them there and in the next week or something when they mature enough, the birds will leave. Now I feel for birds and do believe in leaving nests alone when at all possible but when you live in a small apartment that can stink up really fast, the smell can become too much. So we put in a request with the apartment and the next day a young man came and got most of the birds out (including dead ones), cleaned it out, then said he would come back the next day to finish the job. The next day he was able to get the last bird out through the side of the fan leading outdoors and told us we should be good. I believe the fan works now but the smell is still lingering. As I told my friends, I've recently learned that I love animals more than I ever thought I did, but I don't yet love animals being in my home (the exception perhaps being a turtle).

Event number 2 : I was at Wegmans in line behind these two old ladies. Upon leaving I find out that I also happened to park beside them. After I got to my car and put the groceries away, one of the old ladies comes over to my car, views my bumber stickers, and laughs at me. The type of laugh that means they believe your views are lame. It was awkward.

Event number 3 : Jon and I are going to youth conference as mas and pas for their pioneer treck. I find us an odd pick as we are young and all other mas and pas are old. I am very concerned and freaked out but I do know it will be a very good and very spiritual experience if I want it to be. Needless to say I am still in shock about it. (p.s. to anyone that knows Jon's youngest sister : this is suppose to be a secret, so no telling.) I will give more details about it next month. For now I need to go find some pioneer clothing.

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  1. That is so interesting about the birds... wow. oh beef.... so funny. Also what do your bumper stickers say? and I am excited to hear about your trip!!