Friday, August 13, 2010

"My Country Tiss of thee. Sweet Land of Liberty"

A couple of weeks ago, my cousin came to visit. It was a real treat for me because I am usually out of town the rare times family visits. She had never been out here and wanted to see the sites so I spent a lot of time with her, my mom, and her grandfather, in D.C. We also went to Harpers Ferry and played cards for hours into the night. All activities were immensely enjoyable, especially cards. I love playing cards, as long as it's not uno :).

It is always nice seeing the monuments in D.C. as they tend to remind me how lucky and blessed we are to live in the United States and how much was sacrificed by those who came before us that we might be where we are at today.

I also love Harpers Ferry. No visit to the D.C. area is complete without a visit there. It is so beautiful and peaceful and has much historical value.

I feel so lucky to live in an area where I can drive whatever direction I want to and run into sites of historical significance. It helps me remember how amazing this country really is and why it is so important for me to be politicaly involved and active in my community. This country still has so much potential and I pray that we can right her course that we may fulfill that potential.

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