Friday, August 13, 2010

New Recipes For The Week

Chicken Enchilada Pasta was a recipe that my husband and I were both skeptical about but it got such rave reviews that I had to try it. We ended up really liking it. Just as a side note, I did not put all of the called for 20 oz of green enchilada sauce in it and it was still very enjoyable.

And because the can of green enchilada sauce I got at Walmart (because it was the cheapest can and one of the few stores I found it at) was so large, I made Green Enchiladas the next night. I told Jon whenever he asks for one, he will always be getting the other recipe with it as I refuse to buy a 28 oz can of sauce and waste more than half of it (and with a small freezer, freezing leftover sauce is annoying). We both really enjoyed the enchiladas, which is saying a lot because I always prefer red enchiladas. Plus, they were super easy to put together and much healthier than the other enchiladas I make.

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