Monday, April 25, 2011

My Favorites Today

An awesome recipe:
Macaroni Salad for those of you who likes cold pastas (which apparently doesn't include the boys in my husbands family. Woops! At least all the parents loved it.).  It's so easy to make. And as a tip, you don't need the half cup white sugar.

Two great TV shows:
Downton Abbey: A very well done tv show about the Crawley family and their staff. A few scenes are very emotional, upsetting, and/or a bit disturbing, but the rest of the show makes up for it. I highly recommend it to those who like period pieces. You can view it on Netflix.
Harpers Island: A great show for those who like scary mysteries. If you like movies such as I Know What You Did Last Summer, where people get killed off, you will love this show. It was a one season show due to the topic so it's not one in which you have to wait for the next season to come out, as is the case with Downton Abbey.

New favorite clothing brand:
I haven't worn the clothes I bought from them yet, but Lands' End Canvas has already impressed me.  They sent me a handwritten thank you note for purchasing from their brand. Again, it was handwritten, not a generic note that was printed on a card. Thats impressive. That is a good marketing strategy.

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  1. Sometimes i think about watching harpers island again but i'm not sure if it'll be as interesting now that i know the ending lol.