Friday, May 27, 2011

Under Our Skin - Uncovering the Controversy of Lyme Disease

I want to do a post about Lyme Disease as I feel very strongly about it, but I have been super duper busy lately and have had no time for blogging.

For now I would like to recommend the movie, Under Our Skin. It is a documentary style movie about Lyme Disease. While it tends to focus on extreme cases, Lyme disease it not something you want to mess with, and this movie provides loads of information about the disease.

The movie is a bit dramatic and very scary but it is a good wake up call. So many people deal with this disease and neither the government nor the general public seems to care or get it. Lyme disease is ignored way too often. Finally VA politicians are trying to change that and I fully support them.

While I would like to say much more, I will have to wait. For now I just wanted to bring up this movie. I wanted to purchase multiple copies and share it with people, but as you can see on the left, it is rather expensive. I just found out though that you can stream it on Netflix for free. I highly recommend that you take the time to watch this movie. It is important to be informed, especially if you have young kids that play outside or if you family often goes camping.

 By the way, if you don't have a Netflix account yet you could probably get a free trial of it for a month. If Netflix isn't an option for you, you can spend a few dollars and watch it on Amazon Instant Video or find a screening of the movie in your area.

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