Sunday, January 22, 2012

Tonight I Am Enjoying....

Have you seen any videos by Lindsey Stirling? While I think classical violin music is very pretty, I love how Lindsey breaks from tradition and does everything from hip hop to country music. She has a lot of talent and is extremely creative. 

A Facebook friend posted this video the other day and I like it. I don't love Peter Pan but I love when people play on the theme as Lindsey does with this shadows video. 

P.S. I'm about 85% percent sure I worked near her at BYU. She (or whoever I am thinking about) worked for a different department than me but our computers were semi near each other. I remember her well because her unique style and sweet personality impressed me, as well as the fact that she dropped everything and went on a mission. And if it's not the same girl, well I am sure Lindsey Stirling is pretty hip as well. 

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