Monday, March 12, 2012


Have you ever heard of an Earthship? I hadn't until my brother married a girl from New Zealand. Her family has spent the last 5 years building their earthship, a house built of tires and other recycled materials. Living in the bush, they are off the main power grid and are pretty self sufficient.  To find out more check out her families newly redesigned blog. 

My brother and his wife just got back from spending three months there. Every time they come back from visiting, I am jealous of the stories they have. My brother has experienced things there that I will never have the chance to experience unless I make it over to New Zealand someday. I am not saying I want to go through everything he has been through, some things I hope never to experience, but again there is something so exotic about the whole thing that I can't stop feeling like I am missing out on something great. 

In fact, have you seen "The Way?" If not, I recommend it. Thinking about the earthship reminded me of this movie; of the characters whose lives changed as they hiked the El Camino for months at a time. How, by the end of the movie, I yearned for a similar experience. 

I've also dreamed of biking through Germany along the Rhine River. One word comes to mind to describe this experience - breathtaking - a word that could be used to describe both how hard and how amazing it would be. 

There is something so grand in the idea of giving up the comforts of life to commune with mother nature. Something I yearn for despite how much I care for the comfort and ease of life. 

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