Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Hot Tub

I have been wanting to get Jack in the water again but we haven't made it to the beach in a few weeks.  We were considering going last night but I just didn't feel like making such a big treck and it had been a long day for each of us.  So we decided to take him to the pool instead.

I was planning on taking him into the pool after the hot tub, but we ended up spending the whole time in the hot tub.  It was the perfect temperature and the hubby didn't think he, nor the little one, was going to enjoy the pool since the air wasn't quite as hot as it has been.  Not to mention the kids that were splashing around in the pool.  So the hot tub it was.

Despite the face he's making in these pictures, this cutie really did enjoy it.  He just has a knack for knowing what we are trying to do and decided long ago he won't cooperate when technology is involved.  He spent the time floating in the water, totally chill, until we made him get out, at which time he became one unhappy fellow. 

A little Asian kid joined us in the hot tub.  He and the hubby really hit it off.  It was hilariously cute.  The kid happened to be named after someone in The Lord of the Rings which created an instant bond between them. That and the fact that the hubby belted out the Kakuna Matata song with the kid.

I think our future will be filled with many trips to the hot tub.  After that, swim lessons surf lessons.

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