Monday, February 1, 2010

I Had

a breakdown last night thanks to google. I googled how to dress for an interview and realized that I have absolutely nothing to wear to one. Sure I have dress pants and nice shirts but nothing decent for a formal interview as I have never really needed such clothing. AND IF I AM GOING TO FAIL AN INTERVIEW IT WILL NOT BE BECAUSE OF WHAT I AM WEARING OR HOW I LOOK. Jon must have felt a tiny bit bad for me because he told me I could go shopping. It didn't help with the breakdown last night as I fully expected not to be able to find anything but it sure prevented one today. Thankfully I got lucky too and found clothes that actually fit. I tried on half of what I bought (I bought lots to take home and try on again to see which outfit was best and what pieces worked with what.) before getting tired of trying things on so at Macys I just grabbed 3 things off the rack fully expecting to have to return it all. BUT NOPE!!! It is those exact 3 articles of clothing that I am keeping. I must have good grab off the rack luck or talent or whatever you want to call it.

Oh and at New York & Company I am a size 0. Blew my mind. I think I am going to have to start shopping in the womens section (vs the juniors section) more often just to make myself feel good.

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