Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What the End of the World is Going to Be Like

Have you ever wondered what the end of the world or the Apocalypse is going to be like? Or maybe you watched I Am Legend and wondered what it would be like to go through that. Well I think Jon and I had that sort of experience last night, minus everyone else being dead.

We went out on the roads last night to go have dinner and watch 24 with Jon's family. The roads were ridiculous though and it was quite the experience getting to our destination. So I told Jon that on the way home we were going grocery shopping because I was not repeating that experience the next day. So first we hit up Giant. We bought some things but just some of the items that they did not have at all were : bananas, peppers, 2% milk, chicken, beef....It was the most incredible thing I had ever seen for a store that was not going out of business. But we thought part of it might be that the closet grocery store to Giant had closed due to the chance of a collapsing roof from the snow so everybody in that area shopped at Giant.

We went to Harris Teeters next thinking that they should have more stuff. Which they did except for there was less options with chicken, no bananas, and no peppers. AHHHH!!!! They looked to be out of lots of other items too. Though they did have lots and lots of apples, and lots of those little items nobody wants on a daily basis like hot peppers.

It was the strangest experience and I am just happy we were able to get milk...but man do I want a banana. If the world might end or everybody might get stuck in their house for weeks and you need food, go as soon as possible and buy all the milk, chicken, and bananas that you can. Then start a black market selling those items at very high prices to people like me that waited to go. Or if the world is ending and everyone is dying but you, take their milk, chicken, and bananas. No harm in stealing food from dead people, right? Or is this to morbid?

But in the end, though I don't have all the items I want and though there is no black market to buy them from, I am happy that we went after 10 at night. I can imagine that during the day it was long lines and panic of all sorts as people tried to get the last of whatever item they needed. I'd much rather not have the item than fight to the death for it.

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