Friday, May 14, 2010

If I Had Twitter My Updates For These Past Few Weeks Would Include:

Wow! A kid on a bike just ran into me. Luckily, he blamed it on himself so I don't have to feel bad.

Why does D.C. build narrow roads, let cars park on each side, and then let two lanes of traffic go through it. Ever heard of one way roads?

If all the cops are in D.C. today, who is protecting us from all the law breakers out there.

I got cut off by a cop not using his blinker. How ironic. Oh and I was on my way to the Crime Museum.... (this ended up as my facebook status. Couldn't resist.)

After a week of shopping I finally found something to buy. In fact, I found too many things to buy. Thanks Outlet Mall (oh and thanks to Gap and Banana Republic for your great sales).

Don't watch 2012 unless you want to have bad dreams. Or maybe it's extensive Bones watching causing the nightmares.

To my brain: don't tease me in my sleep and make me think I have a bunch of cute outfits I don't actually own. The realization that I can't look that good is almost too hard to bear in the morning.

Rude people shouldn't be allowed to drive or I should be legally allowed to hit them for no charge.

Why is it that my car gets hit by an unnatural amount of bird poop?

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