Wednesday, September 1, 2010

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

My dear friend Logan tagged me, and since she is housing me within the next few weeks, I must comply.

So 10 things you may not know about me:

1. I do not think Brad Pitt is the bomb. And it's not hot when a guy thinks Brad Pitt is the bomb.

2. I LOOVEE pickles and onions and jalapenos. I must smell all the time.

3. I don't know the exact birthday of anyone in my immediate family. I got the two sister in laws down though because their birthdays are the same day in different months. Or I hope I have their birthdays right. Everybody has free reign to remind me it's their birthdays...if they want a present.

Update: I was called out on the wording of this sentence. In it I am referring to the 2 sister in laws on my side of the family. I actually have many more lovely sister in laws.

4. I buy lots of snack food that I then never eat. Which might be good for my figure, but bad for my wallet.

5. I have never owned an ipod or anything like it, unless you count my phone.

6. If I say I hate something, don't believe me. I use hate too loosely. I don't actually have a super long hate list. Just a super long dislike list. And I try never to hate people, unless you Al Sharpton.

7. I used to get made fun of because of my teeth. I need to get over it but I haven't yet. Thank goodness for retainers and braces.

8. I am sticking to my guns and refusing to see Twilight as long as I can. I am not sure if it's because I am secretly scared I will like it, or if I am scared that I will have such strong feelings against it that I wont be able to keep my mouth shut and will offend people in my family.

9. I don't find movie quotes trivia very interesting. And I have never been someone to memorize movie quotes (too much work for my sorry excuse of a memory), with the exception of a few movies.

10. I can't brush my teeth without getting toothpaste all over my face. The why mystery has yet to be solved.


  1. YES!!

    First of all, I absolutely love that you feel such a sense of 'obligation'.. I will have to remember that.

    1. Brad Pitt was hot in, like, 3 movies 15 years ago. But he's a total idiot.

    3. I have WEIRD people's birthdays memorized.. like one of my aunts, and some Marines from Vienna that I hung out with once.

    5. The only ipod I've ever had is the 4-year-old shuffle I stole from my brother when he left on his mission. I am seriously coveting the new itouch they announced this week.

    8. It really is the dumbest movie ever. Watching it, you truly think they mean it to be hilarious... but its obviously unintentional. I watch them with my sister... and I have to physically restrain myself from laughing so I don't create an angry mob at the theatre :)

  2. how many sisters in law do you have again?