Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I Love These Videos

I wanted to share two videos that I watched tonight that have touched me deeply.

The first is one of those "I'm A Mormon" videos.  To be honest, I haven't ventured into this realm of Youtube very much but when my cousin posted one with the title  "I'm a Mormon and Mother to 154 Orphaned Children," I was intrigued.  Please do watch it.

I hope that one day I can have a tenth of her beauty.  She is such an amazing example of service, sacrifice, love, patience, hope, etc.

The next video was one Jess from Girls with Curls shared.  I am always a bit behind on Youtube videos, so forgive me if this has already made the rounds, but I had to pass this Taylor Swift video along.  I may have watched it three times in a row and bawled each time.  CANCER JUST SUCKS!


  1. Oh my goodness this woman is AMAZING!!! thank you for sharing this video! wow 154 children!
    I totally agree, i hope that one day I have be as amazing as she is, even just a tenth!

  2. I always love reading your blog and getting to a little more about you!! :)