Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Party at The Slanted Door

We went back to the Ferry Building Marketplace Saturday night for a birthday party at The Slanted Door.  The restaurant has mixed reviews online so I was a little unsure how good the food was going to be, despite the positive reviews from friends and family.  My final review of the restaurant is as follows:


  • Loved the cotton candy that was served for dessert part one. 
  • A non alcoholic cooler is another major score.  Virginia restaurants don't ever have good non alcoholic drinks which is so lame and no fun for those of us who don't drink. 
  • Never knew that vegetables could taste so amazing and I love my vegetables. 
  • The grilled peaches were out of this world.  I need more....now! 
  • Family style was perfect for the party and allowed everyone to try each dish.  
  • Loved the location and view. 


  • I thought the meat could have been better.  Sometimes I have off nights with my taste buds and it's very possible that that was part of the problem.  Overall though, I was much more impressed with the vegetables and seafood. 
  • The price.  Be prepared to spend.
  • Our waiter could have been a little bit more energetic.  He was friendly, just a bit quiet. 

As for the party...it was awesome!  The hubby and I aren't used to going out to a fancy restaurant all dressed up to socialize with a large group.  While it's not something I want to do every weekend, it was such a fun change of pace (even if it required being out way too late).  The group was filled with funny, energetic, beautiful people and the food just kept coming and coming.  You really can't ask for anything more.

San Fran at night is so beautiful.  I can't wait for the chance to spend an evening exploring the city.  City lights are always amazing.

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