Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Doctors Visit & Two Month Update

Waiting part one: 

Waiting part two: 

Waiting part three:

Before his shots:

About 10 mins. after his shots:

I was surprised to see him smiling already though he did get grumpy a few minutes later.  But once he was home and fed he was good to go again.  So proud of him.  Shots really are one of the saddest things ever for a parent to witness.


Weight: 11 lb 3.2 oz
Head Circumference: 15.75 inches - Thankfully he is no longer in the 95th percentile.
Height: 24 inches - Though the pediatrician did laugh and say the nurse must have stretched him as far as he would go, which is funny because the nurse measured him twice trying to get an accurate measurement.

General Updates: 

-Smiles intentionally now.  I love it and can't get enough of it!
-Falls asleep during the day but never naps super long after the morning which doesn't give me much time by myself because I am usually sleeping during his morning nap.  (Though, after his shots today, he slept a lot.  Now I am paying for it as he doesn't seem to want to go to bed.)
-Just last week he started sleeping 3-5 hours at a time, rather than just 2-3 hours.
-We will be moving him into a crib soon, though he will probably stay in our room a while longer.  I like having him there and his room will be used as a guest room next month so I am going to wait a little bit longer to transition him.
-Likes baths...until he gets cold.  If he is grumpy, giving him a bath will automatically calm him down...but he gets grumpy when I take him out because if he hasn't gotten cold yet, he gets cold then.  I am apparently an awful bath giver.
-In size 2 diapers though we moved him up a bit early.  We will actually be starting cloth diapering shortly.
-Loves his swing.
-He holds his head up really well and has super strong arms and legs.
-Within the past few weeks he has finally started spitting up like a normal baby.  Messy business but nice that I don't have to worry about the acidic spit up going back down his throat and hurting it.
-Very alert and has many expressions.
-Always watches us closely when we are eating in front of him.
-He still loves to sleep with me but I try to keep it at a minimum at night.  I sometimes cuddle with him in the morning though so I can get more sleep and just because I miss him.
-All the girls at church love him and all our Asian neighbors as well.
-Speaking of which, he does great at church.  Usually nurses once and takes forever doing it but rarely gets grumpy.  And I have had a few times in Relief Society where the woman have relieved me of holding him and he was perfectly content resting in their arms.
-He loves to make noises and the hubby swears he already says mommy but I think that's the hubbies excuse to pass him on to me.  Haha!  Though it really does sound like he is speaking sometimes.  Kind of freaky.
-Still hates tummy time and doesn't care for toys yet.
-Slowly but surely finding his fingers but still enjoys the pacifier.
-Still gets crazy hiccups but gripe water works like a charm.

K.  That's probably more than enough updates for now.  No need for me to write a novel.

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