Saturday, August 17, 2013

What I Have Been Up To Lately

I have been...

watching Falling Skies and catching up on NCIS.

eating traditional yogurt (aka no additives added) with homemade granola and fresh fruit everyday for breakfast.  Who is this person?

loving Yes to Cucumbers Facial Towelettes.  They make my face feel clean without making my face dry and forcing me to use a night facial lotion.  Plus they are quick, something I really value right now.

enjoying my iPhone.  It is my first Apple product and I am loving it.  I don't have the patience or smarts for the Android system apparently.

playing Candy Crush.  I can see why people get addicted to the game.

using Instagram.  I decide to join now that I have a phone that takes decent pictures.  I think I am going to enjoy this app.

busy taking care of my adorable son who is growing up much too fast.  Update on him coming soon.

destroying my skin.  I burnt myself badly twice in the last month.  Once on a pan and once on the dishwasher.  The pan was the worst and is still healing.  I am going to have a nice big scar on my left arm now.  Oh joy!

seeing some gorgeous rainbows while we eat dinner on our balcony.  Definitely a major perk of living in Hawaii.

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