Friday, October 4, 2013

Three Month Update

Stats will come next month as we have our next check up then.  For now here are some general updates on my little man:

-Still eats often at night and still adjusting to his crib.  He has a problem with sticking his limbs out of the crib.
-Enjoys the hot tub.
-Stood in the sand at the beach without crying.  Hopefully he continues to adjust.
-Survived 5-6 hours worth of hiking in two days without much of a problem.
-Has begun rolling over onto his stomach and of course he can't roll back over so he gets upset.
-Loves to talk.
-Enjoys it when we sing to him.
-Doesn't yet care about toys but I think that will change shortly.
-Still loves to sleep on me.
-He does fine with other people and seems to actually enjoy them.
-He was blessed this past Sunday and did perfect during it.
-Sporting a major double chin.

Here are a few more pictures:

Made friends with some Japanese girls. 

Blessing day!

Double chin!

Hot tub!

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