Saturday, January 18, 2014

Christmas Time

My sister and brother-in-law both came to visit us this past Christmas.  Having multiple guests gave us a good excuse to drop many of our responsibilities and just have fun.  We hit up the beach multiple times, did some snorkeling, enjoyed shave ice, played games, drove around the island, etc.  It didn't feel much like Christmas but it was still an enjoyable month.

 Ward Christmas party Santa! 

Chilling near the Disney Resort.  

 Like most babies, he enjoyed the wrapping paper the best. 

 Quick stop at the temple. 

 Another beach visit. 

 Someone outgrew his bathing suit top overnight. 

 Of course, in Hawaii, they dropped a pineapple to celebrate New Years Eve. 

 Taking a break from hiking. 

Where we went snorkeling the first time.  Gorgeous but crowded.  


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