Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Its The Little Moments Like These

This is what I probably look like when I am laughing. My mouth would just be 10x wider.

Its little, random, quite inconsequential moments like the ones that follows, that makes me really appreciate my mom. And it shows how lame my humor is.

Me and my mom went to Costco last night to get paper goods for the wedding. We just left the car and walked around another car. All of a sudden I heard her grunt and say "jeeze" in a shock and annoyed manor. I though she just turned too sharply and ran into the car. Until she walks up and has the following conversation with me (though because of my bad memory I should say, something along the lines of this)

"All these guys were checking you out. Doesn't it ever bother you"
"Whose checking me out?"
"Oh I think it was the guy ahead of us (not ahead of us the whole time) in the blue shirt, and the guys behind us at the car."
"Oh. Well I never even notice when I get checked out. And well Jon loves it."*

*Jon probably really doesn't love it. But I tend to think he should. Cause they are checking out the girl that he has got. K, I have a twisted mind. And in all honestly he just says he has gotten used to it.

I am not telling you this story to let you know that I get checked out. In fact, sometimes I think my friends make it up to make me feel good and important. I tell you this because I love random moments like this with my mom. Where she pulls something completely unexpected out of the hat, that probably isn't meant to be funny, but because of its randomness makes me laugh inside, and sometimes out-loud, for many hours. I hope my kids can laugh with me, and at me, like I do my mom. Because I love my mom a little bit more everytime she makes me laugh. And lots more when she comforts me when I am crying, something that has happened a lot since I got engaged. Oh the stresses of a wedding. Oh the stresses on my wallet. Stupid paper goods. At least I still have things to laugh about.

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