Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Body Is No Wonderland

And if I can't stop taking these meds. and having to eat so many times a day to take them, all my weight is going to come back before I get married :(. My stupid body.

On happy grounds, I beat Jon at bowling tonight. I hate loosing in bowling. It's hard for me to handle. But it was very apparent that I had not been bowling in a long time. We most definitely need to go more often.

Even happier news: the invites are out. We might send more out just because we can but the majority of them are out. So if you think you deserve one, and you don't get it soon, let me know. I have this major fear that they wont get where they need to go. But I might just be crazy. I love how they turned out though and I hope other people like them too, or at least enough not to talk bad about them. They cost us a total of 70$ minus postage. Not bad.

Here are some pictures I have been hiding for a long time. I was hiding them because some of them will be going in a book for our wedding day, but just in honor of Jon and I and getting those invites out, I will give you a glimpse of them.

My personal favorite from the day. Synchronized swimming. Except for look at that looser one on the right. Way to ruin it!!!

I really should not have the guts to show this in public. But I am because its such a bad picture I laugh everytime I see it. Please don't kill me Jon for putting it up.

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