Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I Don't Believe There Is a Monster In My Closet

but sometimes I get these other random fears. Sometimes, when going over a long bridge, I fear it will collapse and I will drown. Perhaps its a side effect of watching the Butterfly Effect. Sometimes I fear that the bridge being built above me will fall onto my car and can't wait for the light to change to green so I can get out from under it. Sometimes I fear that a shark will eat me or I still get stung by a jellyfish, when I am swimming in the Ocean. Sometimes I fear the ladder or piece of wood on the guys truck in front of me will come crashing through my windshield and kill me. It's my punishment for ever allowing someone to show me Final Destination, which certainly made it on my list of stupidest movies ever. Sometimes I fear I will crash into the road barriers or a fence, and once again die a gruesome and painful death. Sometimes, upon climbing up on something, I fear I will fall and hurt myself while getting down, and I get stuck up where I am at. Sometimes I fear a green blob will come out of the tub faucet, a side effect of Ghost Busters, but I've almost completely outgrown that one. Sometimes I fear I will fall to my death but somehow it doesn't stop me from doing whatever it is I am doing. Somehow my fears never stop be from doing anything, but inside I'm having a hard attack and trying not to panic.

What do you fear?

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