Wednesday, September 16, 2009


My house is crowded. And now its being even more crowded with wedding stuff. I can't wait to get our apartment next month so I can start moving stuff over and uncrowd (is that a word) this place. The craziest part is, we sent out invites last week and we are already getting presents. I'm not complaining about the gifts. Yes I am surprised but I do love them. I just don't have room for them yet. Ah!

Thanks Bed Bath and Beyond for delivering them crazy fast. Too bad you never delivered the registry cards I called about multiple times. Speaking of which, I thought it was the registry cards in the boxes when I saw them, and it about annoyed me. I no longer needed them, and now I have two boxes of them. Blah! But like I said above, I was completely surprised when there were wedding gifts inside instead. I guess Bed Bath and Beyond really step up their game when it counts.

And yes we did stick registry cards in our invites. GASP! I know! Trust me! But as a majority of the people we sent to were Mormon, as we are both Mormon, we had to cater to them. I did, though, leave it out of a few peoples card, taking their feelings into consideration, as technically it is a big social fopa to send registry information in the invitation. Why is it such a big tradition to put the registry card in the invitation in the LDS culture? I am not really sure. We are either way lazy, way smart, way too busy to think about searching for a gift, or you can tell I lack theories big time. If I find out, or come up with a good theory, I will get back to you.

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  1. Our house is gonna be soooo crazy and crowded the week of your wedding. And moms going to be freaking out.