Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Friday was my birthday so I did what I love best - Shopping. I got up at 6 with my sister and we went out. We did not get up early to find the best deals but more to avoid the traffic that would occur later on. I got the following :

-Balderdash for half off at Target.
-Some presents which can't be mentioned on here.
-A sweater that wasn't on sale but that I finally had the money for.
This is the sweater I bought. Picture taken on Sunday at Great Falls. We took my sister there so she could take pictures of the waterfalls and she took some of us while waiting for the lighting to get the way she wanted it.

- Cute Christmas stockings on sale at Kohls for 6$ a piece.
-I got a wallflower and refills at Bath & Body Works on sale for way cheap. I had heard good things about the wallflower and wanted to try it out. I love it so far. It makes our kitchen and living room area smell sooo good.
-An apron that was half off at World Market.
-A mug set from World Market. They make perfect soup and cereal bowls. They were not on sale but excited me too much to not buy them. Plus they were cheap anyways. We have used them 3 times already and I adore them each time. If anybody is unsure of what to give their friends for Christmas I think they would make a great gift.

Then Jon and I went out and got him multiple pairs of jeans that were on sale and also got our Christmas tree which I talked about earlier. It was all in all a fun shopping day.

In the evening, I took a break from shopping and we went into D.C. for a birthday celebration. We first went to Ben's Chili Bowl, which if you live around here you have probably heard about, if not already gone to. It was on my list of things to do eventually and it just happened to be right by Lincoln Theater, which was our next destination. Ben's Chili Bowl was really crowded so we got a quick dinner consisting of a Chili Dog and chips, then went again later that night when it was less crowded and got another Chili Dog and some Chili Fries. 3 Chili Dogs in one week, heaven right there! My judgment was that the place does deserve most of the hype it gets. The chili is sooo good. The Chili Fries were the best I have ever had but I have also decided I just don't like Chili Fries. It was certainly a fun experience minus the crowds and I recommend going to Ben's Chili Bowl at least once. Just go late at night when the crowds have thinned.

At Lincoln Theater, we saw The Fantasticks. We were able to get half off tickets thanks go Groupon so we went without knowing anything about the play. But it ended up being so awesome. It was such a funny play. It was soo well done, the actors and actress had amazing voices and were so good in their roles, there were so many cool tricks in the play, and it was also so well written. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences in a while, and that's saying a lot. Too bad though that sitting down so long made me so tired and I kept falling asleep during the second act. It made me sad because I kept missing out on the goodness going on in front of me. Some of my favorite parts of the play were when they did tricks with lights and fire. I am unsure of how they pulled them all off but it made me so giddy to see.

It was a long but fun filled day. Thankfully, Saturday we were able to just sit around, clean, get things done, eat, and watch movies the whole day. There was no where we had to be and nothing we had to do. It was way relaxing. And we watched Hannibal (edited) for the first time. Such a creepy but good movie.

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