Monday, November 30, 2009

My Thansgiving

Since I unfortunantly don't have any pictures from Thursday, I thought I would post about that day first.

We got a late start on Thanksgiving because we were both tired and after I got out of bed, I moved to the couch and took a nap. Low energy that day from a bad couple nights of sleep. So we didn't get to Jon's families house until around lunch time. After we got there, we sat around for a while trying to decide what to do for lunch. Because it was only Jon's parents and Jon's sister-who- eats- almost- nothing at home that year, they skipped having the traditional meal. We were going to order pizza until we found that the pizza shops were closed. Well, randomly during the discussion I mentioned how 7-11 hotdogs and Slurpee sounded good. Yes, I am disgusting and love hotdogs from 7-11. I didn't mention it thinking anybody would listen or want it. But when we couldn't figure out what to eat or where to go, Jon randomly mentioned that I mentioned it. I was embarrassed but it was only seconds later that it was being considered seriously by everyone. The sister-who-eats-almost-nothing loves the same thing, their dad likes them, Jon likes them, and the mom would be kind enough to go along with it. So, a few minutes later, knowing how crazy we were being, we got into the car to go to Safeway (for drinks and soup) and 7-11. The guy working at 7-11 was soo excited about us being there. He was saying things like "we have the best chilli in town," and "we should have gotten turkey dogs." He was laughing and joking the whole time. We then went home with our dogs (Hot dogs or chili dogs depending on who you were. Three of us put lots of chili and cheese on it and hence had chili dogs.) and Slurpees and ate while watching Star Trek. I do like that movie but I tried to catch up on my sleep during it because I was just that tired. But may I say, MY CHILI DOG WAS AMAZING AND TOTALLY MADE MY THANKSGIVING.

Next, we went to my families house for our traditional Thanksgiving dinner that was so oh dilicious (bean casserole and fruit salad are my favorites...oh yum) . And the evening was spent eating, making fun of each other (a huge ongoing family tradition), and visiting our old neighbors who now live a half hour away. Speaking of which, at their house I got the chance to hang out with my old best friend and her boyfriend. I mention this not because I love her so much and miss hanging out with her, which is the case, but because her boyfriend seems like an amazing guy. Evidence being: he took out her families trash with out being asked and he made her a flower arrangment based on a picture he saw in a magazine. What guy does that? I am soo happy for her and hope it all works out for the best.

I am already looking forward to next years Thanksiving and hope it includes a chili dog again...maybe it's the start of a unique family tradition...I am hoping so.

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  1. haha Liz you are too funny!!! Oh man that is awesome about the hot dogs... one year we had taco bell :) haha! But I am glad it all worked out and that everyone was happy! Sounds like such a fun day!!