Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Things First

I have so much to post about so there will probably be many postings in the next few days.

But, first things first, I want to tell you what my plans are for the coming weeks.

1. Go to New York with my honey and our friends for a few days. It will be cold but just imagine the Christmas spirit that will be felt there. It already makes me giddy.

2. Decorate this fake tree we bought:
Putting the tree together!

Yes we got a fake. Yes, we are a lame newly wed couple.

3. Make a Snowstorm for one or two of the windows

4. Write those thank you cards for the gifts received at the wedding. I wanted them done a lot sooner but with all that has been going on and my health issues it just has not happened.

5. Make a bag advent calendar filled with goodies. Kind of like this one. I am actually only going to do it for the 12 days before Christmas sinse that will probably be about the time I finish it.


  1. pretty tree. ours is fake this year as well. i heard your thanksgiving feast with my parents was great.. haha! :) too funny!! I am so glad you are in our family :)

  2. hahaha yeah i am going to blog the story soon because its so awesome.