Thursday, January 28, 2010


The angels in heaven are singing. I have done my victory dance. I think I deserve a dozen donuts or more. I have finally finished my thank you cards. Minus two whose addresses we don't have and perhaps a few people who we thought we sent one to but really didn't. But minus those few, I AM DONE.

And to any one that got one, if you read something really weird or there were words crossed out I apologize. I couldn't help but sound ridiculous or make mistakes because I am me and it only gets worse when I write a thousand thank you notes. They only serve as proof that I need to stick to the typed word where mistakes can be deleted and you can say stupid things without people knowing who you are. I take solace in the fact that most of these people wont care, they just want to be appreciated for their kindness. And I understand and appreciate that.

AHHH I AM DONE...minus those few...

p.s. doesn't hallelujah look strange capitalized? or is it just me?

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  1. wow that was fast!!!! awesome job!!!! and yes i agree