Monday, January 4, 2010

Oh Goodness I've Got a Lot of Work To Do

I clutter my life and save way too much. Even my email box is cluttered. In fact, I can't remember life without 300 to 600 emails in my inbox. It hasn't been as low as 300 for very long either. I saved and still save emails thinking I will look at them again, I will finally look at them for the first time later, I might need this information, I think this is funny, etc. etc. etc. I started organizing my email a few months back so that those emails that I absolutely felt like I needed to keep were saved in some sort of organized fashion and the rest were finally read and deleted. But I want to get my inbox down to 0. So my goal this month is to get my inbox to 0.


  1. good luck girl!! maybe i should send you tons of emails :) hehe!!

  2. Seriously, get GMAIL... it makes it sooo much easier. Plus, you have google docs so it backs up every attachment you open so you can find them again... and its FREE.