Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Suspicions of Pregnancy Surround Me

When I go grocery shopping, I plan my meals, make a list, and follow it pretty well. I might buy a few more things that strike my fancy and are on sale. But again, I am a pretty planned shopper.

Then Saturday I make an unplanned trip to Sams Club to get some almonds. I walk out with the following:

Beef Jerky
Box of Cinnamon Cheerios
Large box of Mentos

Then I go to Harris Teeters to get Basil and a jar of pickles. I walk out with :

Travel size containers of pickles
A large jar of big pickles
Queso Sause
Apple sauce for the hubby (I don't like apple sauce)

Totally out of the norm for me.

And then I get home and someone asks, "are you planning to make dinner tomorrow?"  "Um no hadn't really thought of it actually."

I ate 3 of those rather large pickles I bought in one sitting. Add that to the few pounds I have gained back lately and my general lack of energy and I am pretty sure there are some people who think I am pregnant.
Especially my father in law, who made sure that the smell of his salsa popcorn wouldn't bother me too much (which by the way, it does smell). This was right after I ate those three pickles.

But I promise you I am not pregnant. Not yet anyways.


  1. My Family thought I was pregnant for over a year anytime something was out of the norm.....now they know otherwise....but good luck with you! And I wish you luck with getting pregnant :)

  2. Please don't get pregnant until I turn 34. Thank you.