Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Loved these movers we didn't have to pay for.  

We finally moved into our permanent place here in Hawaii.  It meant the last week was spent with limited internet access and lots of unpacking.  But now I am back this week to update you on everything moving and rental related.

First, the move itself.  Here are some of my thoughts and notes on our move: 

Moving is so overrated.  I hate everything about it and if I have to do it one more time within the next year, I just might hurt someone or something. 

Moving, especially the cleaning part of it, always takes ten times longer than you expect.  One should always plan accordingly.   

And guess what happened moving weekend?  Swollen ankles and feet.  After my mom and the hubby freaked out on me about it,  I got put on temporary couch rest and the hubby did most of the rest of the cleaning.  I felt bad the whole time as he slaved away and I rested, but he was much better at the whole cleaning thing that I was anyways.  From the beginning, I was just overwhelmed to the point where I would sit on the coach and stare at the apartment knowing something needed to be done but not sure what to do about it.  I'll just blame it on the pregnancy! 

Next time, I am not going to hesitate hiring someone else to clean.  Professional cleaners never seem worth it until you are actually in the middle of cleaning and than all of a sudden you wonder why cleaners make so little.  Then you forget the whole thing, a year or two later commit to cleaning another place, and it just becomes a viscous cycle.  

Taking apart all the shelving and drawers in a large fridge is much easier than putting them back together.  Especially when a wall makes it impossible to open the fridge door all the way.  Sometimes the hubby should think before he gives me ideas that just end up causing more work for him.  

But man was the fridge sparkling clean, in ways that no one will or can ever appreciate, when I was done with it. 

Best method I've found yet to clean glass and windows: water, dish soap, coffee filters. 

Speaking of which, thank you to who ever saved us by leaving those coffee filters behind.  And thank you Google for the helpful hint.  I even went as far as to make my first purchase of coffee filters this week. 

Magic eraser:  I don't understand you but I love you.  End of story.

My husband is an extremely hard worker, especially when it counts.  Me, not so much. 

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