Monday, May 6, 2013

Worst Part of Hawaii

Remember this post from last week?  The one where all I did was complain about my day.  Well...shortly after I posted it, I went down to the kitchen to get a snack.  The hubby was about ready to crawl into bed for the evening but I was hungry and not ready for sleep quite yet.  Well he ended up having to delay sleep a bit because I called for him in a loud and now familiar manner that translates to "Get down here fast. There is a cockroach! Save me!"

There was a hugggeeeee cockroach chilling on the counter.  I went and got my camera to take a picture but it's like he knew what I was about to do and began to run like a bat out of hell all around the counter.  By the time the hubby got downstairs and was ready to kill the thing, the cockroach ran out the way he came in.  Because we always find them in the corner cabinet and they like to run behind the piece of wood forming the back of this particular cabinet, I have concluded there is some sort of opening behind it that allows them to get in from outside.  Oh joy!

For the next few days we were on cockroach watch, just waiting for it to come back.  I would open the cabinet slowly just waiting for it to appear.  I would check the counter as soon as I walked into the kitchen so as to avoid any surprises.  But it never came back.

Until the other night.  K, to be honest, we can't be sure it was the same cockroach but based on size, if it wasn't him, it was a sibling or cousin.  I found him (for some reason I am the one who is lucky enough to find all of these buggers) in our tub which is a first.  Here he is in all his glory:

Once on their backs, they can't change positions and end up dying.  We didn't find this particular cockroach on its back but it's certainly my favorite position to find them in.

Then the hubby says the smartest thing he could say to me:  "Maybe that's why our drain has been a bit clogged these past few days!"  Major gagging and horrible thoughts!!  (But no it isn't why.  I think we have a buildup of sand in our drain that needs to be taken care of.) 

The cockroach met its death thanks to the hubby's shoe and I spent the next 15 minutes trying to forget about the incident so I could sleep without dreaming about ugly creatures trying to kill me.   

This cockroach saga never ends.  Just yesterday we were cleaning up from dinner and lo and behold, right under that special corner cabinet, there was a cockroach on its back.  So the hubby had to save me again.  The cockroach must have accidentally slipped and fallen from the back of the cabinet, landing on our counter legs up making him an easy breezy one to take care of.  Thankfully this didn't occur while I was actually cooking.  Cockroach in rice noodles doesn't sound that delicious to me. 

I told the hubby the other night that every time a cockroach appears its bigger than the last one and soon enough we will be facing a cockroach that is big enough to chase us around.  Freaky! 

P.S. Those flies that made an appearance in the aforementioned post tried to take over our apartment (focusing their attack on our bedroom) that night as well.  I just happen to specialize in massacring flies so their infestation didn't last long.  I don't know if I would say the week looked up after that particular night but at least I was able to be in a negative mood in a fly free environment.  There is a positive to every negative.

Here is to having a much better week! 

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