Tuesday, May 14, 2013

To My Best Friend

RIP my dearest Jocelyn.  You gave your best to the battle and fought a much longer and harder fight than you ever should have had to.  You will be greatly missed here on earth and there is now a gaping hole in so many people's lives that nobody else will ever be able to fill.  But I know you have a loving entourage waiting for you in heaven and there is probably a huge welcome home celebration (or maybe a 2nd birthday party) going on right now.  Are there horses up there for you to ride?  I sincerely hope so.  But perhaps the Lord is just going to keep you busy all the time.  He did just receive the loveliest, most humble, kind hearted angel after all.  Why waste your talents? 

Thank you for your patience, for the life lessons you taught me, for the example you were, and for the numerous times you sat and listened to me go off about relatively unimportant things.  I count myself lucky having had the chance to call you my best friend.

I will miss you dearly.  I cry for your families loss, for my loss, and for the trials and heartaches you had to bear while here on earth.  I cry for so many reasons.  But I know you are no longer in pain.  I know you finally have the rest and peace you so desired.  I know I will get to see you again one day.  And for those reasons I am eternally grateful.

Until we meet again my friend! 

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