Thursday, July 25, 2013

Baby #1: 1 Month Update

I seriously need to get a more recent picture but the cuteness in the above picture will have to do for now.

-Weighed in this week at 8 lbs 11.5 ounces.
-He makes the best faces ever.  I wish I could document every last one of them but his face is always changing so it's nearly impossible.  My favorites have to be the puckered lips and the accidental smiles.
-He likes the pacifier but lets me know plain as day if he would much rather have the boob.
-He has no hair left in front.  And the hair in back is light blond with some brown mixed in.  It also curls out at the end.
-He has gorgeous blue eyes, though I was hoping he would get my hazel eyes since they aren't as common.
-He often throws one or both of his arms up while he is sleeping and keeps them there for a while.  Can't imagine it's very comfortable but to each their own.
-He sometimes sleeps with his fingers spread across his face.  Makes me laugh.
-Burps, farts, sneezes, and hiccups like no ones business.
-Doesn't like tummy time very much but sure is getting good at squirming all over the floor.
-One of the most common comments about him is how long his limbs are.  He could end up being a rather tall boy, which pleases the hubby.
-He has had some hard days lately leading to a tired and overwhelmed mom but we will pull through just fine.


  1. freaking cute! You have clearly fallen in love with being a mom :-)

    1. Isn't he? Yes I have. God apparently knew what he was doing when he made kids so adorable.