Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Things I Dislike

I've decided to make a less positive list and see if I can easily come up with 25 things I dislike.
Here it goes:

1. most sitcoms especially those that are animated or have annoying liberal woman characters
2. apple sauce
3. Bill Clinton
4. crude humor
5. way to low cut shirts with nothing underneath.
6. gym locker rooms
7. people or objects that are moving slow when I want to go fast
8. feet (the good news is I am getting over this...sort of...nasty feet will always be nasty)
9. hair that's anywhere but the head
10. the supposed existence of global warming and Al Gore
11. people who protest outside military establishments and against the ROTC. oh and flag burners.
12. mushrooms and olives
13. the use of swear words in everyday language
14. rude people...i will mention no names here...
15. that cop who gave me that ticket for not having my lights on a few years ago.
16. pain...especially certain types of pain
17. how people think its okay to have sex with whoever whenever. its sad.
18. the noise of other people clearing their throat constantly. Learn to do it in the bathroom or be silent about it. especially in the movie theater.
19. overly judgmental people
20. stick shift cars. way to jerky and your boyfriend always has to grab your hand, let go of your hand, grab you hand, etc. b/c he has to drive.
21. Brittany Spear and Paris Hilton
22. my coworker accusing me of sleeping with my boss
23. teachers who can't teach and yet grade really hard. (I am not saying this b/c I may have gotten a unsatisfactory grade. I do love hard teachers. Just not hard teachers that don't know how to teach...like that one from science in high school...you know who you are!!!)
24. debt
25. scallops

This was actually harder than expected but I am sure I will remember another 25 tonight while laying in bed.

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