Wednesday, February 18, 2009


So Valentines Day came and went and for the first time ever I celebrated it. Jon started it off on Thursday when he surprised me with roses that came with a very cute vase, teddy bear, chocolate and a balloon. It also had a very cute card which will remain secret.

Then on Saturday we went to Philidelphia. There we had lunch at an amazing restaurant called Jacks firehouse. I got a salad and crab cakes. Best crab cakes ever. It came with a spicy base sauce that had green peppers in it. So good. Jon got clam chowder that was amazing. He also got the chefs special for 20$. Basically the chef picks out a three course meal and its all a surprise. First came oysters or something like that. Jon automatically would not try them because of the horse radish on it. I tried to eat one but every time I tried to chew it the texture made me gag. Then he got sweat potatoes which he switched out for my regular match potatoes and pork chops which he liked enough to eat. Then he got a peanut butter cheese cake. He does not like peanut butter. So he did not really luck out. But the food was still really good.

Next came the Eastern State Penitentiary. We had went there in October for the haunted house and wanted to get the tour of the real thing. For those of you who don't know what it is, it is a historical penitentiary. Its historical because of the architectural design that was used. Also Al Capone stayed there for a bit though by the sound of things it was almost a party for him. Its structure and system was originally about solitary confinement so people could mediate on what they did, or in other words, it gave them time for spiritual reflection. By the early twentieth century solitary confinement was no longer used and they got such amenities as a ball park. The prison was never designed to punish and this was shown in the fact that they had heat and running water before much of the general public. In the declared a historical landmark in the 60's and abandoned in the 70's. I highly recommend going there. You can also get a packaged deal so you can have a meal and take the tour for a lot cheaper.

We next went to see the Liberty Bell and Constitutional Hall after which we walked around a bit staring at old historical buildings. Oh and we stopped by Christ Church where a lot of historical figures used to go there like Benjamin Franklin. We then drove home and watched Ransom, which was also very enjoyable. Thanks Jon!!!

But speaking of Jon and Valentines Day, another topic about love and relationships comes to mind. I brought up with Jon the other day how we are so different that it often surprises me when we find similarities between us. It kind of worries both of us I think so many I will dwell on the topic a bit.

I like to shop. My music changes with my mood so the range of music I listen to is much larger than most peoples. I love Asian Food. I like to read a lot. I like to go to dances even if dancing intimidates me. I love to debate. And I do not believe I am the smartest person out there.

Jon on the other hand hates to shop. He does not need to keep up with the latest fashion nor does he wear name brand clothes usually. He listens to relatively relaxed chilled music most of the time. He does not like Asian food that much. He doesnt mind reading but mostly sticks to books that help him in some fashion. He hates to debate but when he does he thinks he is always right.

He likes semi frilly traditional girls. Not those that shop all the time and are full of themselves. But those that are traditional and like pink and ruffles. Jon might disagree and I am not sure I ever am describing this right. On the other hand I like less traditional. He is the type that wouldn't mind and would expect the traditional wedding reception with lots of one color like pink and roses. I on the other hand want a less overdone, less traditional reception.

Basically we just have different ideas about life. What we like. What we enjoy. And who we are. Yes this worries me. "Do Opposites Attract" is the first article I ran into. It claims that some differences are good and others are not good. If a guy wants to watch sports all day and the lady wants to read all day that is not a good difference and may cause problems. But if they balance out each others faults that may not be so bad. It also says that "likes" have more stable relationships though that does not always mean happy relationship. The key is the willingness to be tolerant of the other person. "Do Opposites Attract or Do Birds Of a Feather Flock Together" brings up a good point and one that I firmly believe in. Many couples get together based on attitude and value similarities.

Me and Jon have similar values. We both have a strong faith and testimony in the gospel and have a similiar code of ethics and integrity. And thus our personality differences do not overwhelm us. We can deal with the other persons differences and give a little as long as we both have the same eternal goals and values. It has been said that you should be able to marry almost any member of the church and make a marriage work...or something like that. I believe that they mean strong, faithful members who hold to their standards and values because if both are, then it will be harder to break the bonds of marriage.

In the recently released movie Fireproof the husband got into pornography and the wife started flirting with a coworker. They strayed from their values and their marriage started to crumble.

I will try to no longer worry about mine and Jon's differences and instead focus on the my values and eternal goals.

Moving on to an even more emotional topic. I have to throw my favorite black flats out because I have worn them way to much and they are looking so nasty. I went to Nordstroms and got a new pair so its time. I have faith my shoes will make it to shoe heaven as they have treated me well. I will never forget them. They made my life comfortable and joyous.

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