Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ditzy or Dumb?

“I think there's a difference between ditzy and dumb. Dumb is just not knowing. Ditzy is having the courage to ask!” - Jessica Simpson quotes

According to Jessica Simpson, I was a ditz today. I used to have a problem not being able to get the gas to pump for me at a certain 7'll near my house. I though I had gotten past that when a year later no problem arose and I used that gas station often. But today I was trying to pump gas at another 7'11 that was near where I was at. First I had to turn around to get driver side near the pump and this lady stared at me while I was doing it. And than I tried to pump and it would not go. Everyone at the pumps had left so I went in. I could tell the lady working did not want to leave so she said "take it out and push the thing out." I gave her a confused look and just mumbled okay knowing that her directions would not help me. Then she said "It does work." So after trying again I moved around to the other pump and tried again. Guess what? Once again it did not work and the directions I found did not work. A guy drove up but went in side so I was not able to ask him in time. Than a Spanish guy in a truck drove up and proceeded to wait for me to pump. Finally, and to decrease his waiting time I waved to him and told him I could not get it to work. Well apparently you had to take the nozzle out and than push up the thing the nozzle sits on. Oh so that's what the directions and the lady were trying to tell me. Needlessly to say I pumped the gas and left successfully. But that's not before I felt dumb and then got knocked against my car by the wind storm.

So with that was I dumb or ditzy? I consider that being dumb because I did not know nor could I figure it out. Jessica Simpson though would claim I was being a ditz.

A disagreement like this calls for one thing, a superior source. According to dumb is lacking intelligence or good judgment or slow to learn or understand. Ditzy is eccentric or scatterbrained, or as used nowadays, stupid and scatterbrained. Stupid could probably also be used as a definition of dumb in which case that takes me straight back to the beginning.

Leaving the word dumb behind, I was not being eccentric, or so Id like to think, nor was I was scatterbrained. I was just lacking the intelligence and understanding needed to perform the job. So in my case I would say I was just being dumb. This is not denying that I am not a ditz sometimes but id rather not think that my moment today was me being ditzy.

Either way I learned relearned a lesson. Feeling dumb does not mean its not worth asking. I could have left and added more time to the time I had already wasted just to find another place I could get gas at. But I asked, I got gas, and I left to continue my day. A word of advice Jessica Simpson, you will always be dumb if you do not have the courage to ask.

I also learned today that there is still so much out there that I do not know. I am sure my future is filled with many more moments like the one I had today.

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