Monday, November 9, 2009

Hey It's That Blogger

I had my first real life spotting of a blogger whose blog I read moment. So random! I was in Ikea, waiting for my hubby to get his wallet from the car so we could pay for our finds. I was just chilling in the section where you pick up the large items of furniture you want, kinda near the cash registers. I saw this guy and within a second my train of thought went as follows:

"I recognize that guy"
"He looks like that bloggers husband"
"She looks like the blogger:
"Shes pregnant"
"Its so that blogger...weird"
"I feel like a stalker"

Jon asked me what I would think if someone came up to me because they recognized me from following my blog. I said it would be cool to which he responded then maybe you should go say something to her. But I didn't see them after that, nor would I have had the guts to say anything.

And I will forgo mentioning what blogger it is because its one of those blogs you follow for no good reason. She is a friend of a friend of a friend or something strange like that whose life just seemed interesting to me. And that's my story and I am a creep.