Monday, November 2, 2009

Unforeseen Circumstances

So what were the unforeseen circumstances that I have been alluding to in the previous posts. Well I will tell you in this post so you don't have to wonder anymore.

Tuesday morning, our last full day in Salem, Jon wakes up with a cold. I then get into the shower and find a rather large bump on my butt (or rather in my crack. sorry not sure how else to put it). Rather large meaning most likely not a zit. This worried me so I called my mom. She said we should probably go into the doctors. So then we called Jon's brother who is a eye surgeon. He said its most likely an abscess. We could either let it take its course, or take care of it ourselves, but our best bet would be to see a doctor so they could take care of it and ease the pain. Well it wasn't too painful yet so we decided to wait a day. Later that day we ended up having to come back to the Inn for a nap as I was also starting to feel sick and got really tired and Jon was also exhausted and sick. Needless to say I was catching Jon's cold.

The next day I wake up hurting and a bit sick. By the time we make it to the bus stop, take the ride to Boston, and get to our hotel, I am exhausted and we take another nap. By then everything was painful to do. So upon waking up, we make the decision that I need to see a doctor. It was too late then to make an appointment with a family practice so we take the gamble with my insurance and the cost of it and go to the ER. Thankfully we did not have to wait too long to be seen but we waited a long time after getting in. By the end 3-4 people saw me, including the head surgeon. They even considered taking me to the surgery floor because of where the abscess was and how much it was hurting me. And they wanted to try and decrease the chances of me having side effects from the surgery. Well the head surgeon said to just do it where I was at. They cut it open and drained it. The needle in the butt was the worst part honestly. Ouch!!! I were given prescriptions to get pain killers and they made an check up appointment that was optional and which we did not go through. I was then released.

The pain wasn't too bad when I kept up on my pills and after about 3 days I didn't need to take the pain killers anymore. Only the next night did I have problems. We went touring Boston and went on a Ghost Tour and by the end of it, it was hard to walk and my butt was in pain. After that all was good, we just had to wait for it to heal. The only other issue I had was nauseousness. I felt soo nauseous the night of and the next morning. Luckily, when the nauseousness came back the next few days, it wasn't as bad as the first few times. Not sure if this was due to lack of food or the medication or both but it was noo fun. Oh well!!

Overall, a very unpleasant and unexpected experience. We thought, after taking pictures in the rain on our wedding day and being around sick people, we might end up sick. And we did. But I never expected having to get quick surgery to drain an abscess. No fun at all on a honeymoon. Poor hubby. Being tested so soon in a marriage. But he passed. He was great. He stayed with me and helped me out a lot. And was sooo patient with me. He let me take my time in the morning and usually into the afternoon and never pushed me out the door to do things. Thank you Jon.

The hospital visit was rather interesting. The secretaries were not nice or patient at all. The doctors were nice but I felt like they thought the thing was rather funny. Here we are on our honeymoon and I have an abscess. Okay it was rather funny actually. We laughed about it a lot. I just wish they had not taken so long, passed me around so much, taken so long to make a decision about what to do, but at least it was done and the pain eased.

I think something bad happens to almost every couple on their honeymoon. If nothing bad happened to you, you are lucky. But to all out there planning a honeymoon: don't expect everything to go perfectly. If it does, awesome. If it doesn't, do not let the bad bog you down. Take everything in stride and make the best of all circumstances. You are with your hubby, that is all that matters. This trip won't go down in our book as the most amazing trip ever but it was certainly memorable and still fun and for that I am thankful.

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