Friday, November 6, 2009

Last Blog About Honeymoon

I just wanted to do a few reviews of places in Boston before moving on from the Honeymoon.

First, is the Ramada Boston. We choose the Ramada for the last half of the honeymoon because it was a great great price and we knew we didn't need to spoil ourselves the whole time. It ended up being perfect. It wasn't within walking distance to their metro (D.C. term I know but I stick to it) but they had a shuttle that ran constantly. The metro itself was pretty darn cheap and easy to take. They also had breakfast every morning, a shuttle to the airport, and most important, the shuttle would also take you to the hospital. They had a good relationship with Enterprise so when we rented a car it was easy to get a hold of. They dropped the car off then we just had to leave the keys with the hotel when we were done. I give it 5 stars for being cheap, convenient, clean, and friendly. Go Ramada.

Oh the Ramada also owns, or has a good relationship with (not exactly sure if they own all the places around them), a few restaurants right beside it. We tried their main restaurant, don't know the name of it, but it was pretty good. Better than I expected. About a 3.5 out of 5. Their fun center, with bowling, an arcade, and lots of food, was soo fun. One night when we wanted to relax and have some fun so we just went over, got an ice, and bowled a few games. I won and for those of you who know me well, know that that's a good thing. The one thing in life I hate to lose at is bowling.

Finally, I wanted to write a quick review about the Italian restaurant we ate at after seeing the USS Constitution. We randomly chose it and did not know what to expect. It's name was Filippo Ristorante, with the owner being Filippo Frattaroli. Jon and I, for the first time ever, ordered the same exact thing. The Spezzatino all'Abruzzese. It was Chicken in a butter and cheese sauce with penne. Jon ate all of his but I could not. It was way to salty for me. Not only was it just salty, but I had been basically living off of Saltine Crackers for a few days and did not need more salt. I ate a side salad instead which was really delicious as the dressing was soo good. The problem with the food could have just been with our particular dish, as we did not try any others so I do not hold it against them too much. The waiter was very friendly and talkative and we got some of our best service at this restaurant (at many other places the service blew hard core). She also, knowing we were on a trip, gave us a copy of the menu to take home with us. Lucky for her, or I never would have been able to write this review. Haha. I would have never remembered the name of the restaurant. Anyways, I give this place a 4 out of a 5 and would consider going back if we went to Boston again.

P.S. The tour we took in Boston was called the Haunted Boston Ghost Tours. I highly recommend it. One guy on the tour, from North or South Carolina, had been on it multiple times.

Jon and I tried to use one of those photobooths. This was the outcome. Not exactly what we meant to do, we are amatures at such things, but it still makes me laugh with joy.


  1. it so funny in the photo booth that you both are looking down and not at the camera... hahaa

  2. hahaha so true. I didn't even notice that. Maybe Jon and I will have to go again just to practice our photobooth skills because they so obviously suck.