Friday, April 16, 2010

Books I Have Finished In The Last Few Months

Dark Assassin :  Ann Perry - This book was pretty good. Interesting enough just a bit long for me and I am still getting used to reading books that focus on a certain time period.

Julie & Julia : Julie Powell  - Don't read. It is enough like the movie that I liked the story line but it has wayyy to much language in it to make it worth reading. Just watch the movie.

The Christmas Sweater : Glen Beck - No matter your opinion on Glen Beck, this is a great and very fast read. It has nothing to do with politics.

48 Liberal Lies About American History (That You Probably Learned In School) : Larry Schweikart - I liked this book and it has nothing to do with my Conservative beliefs. I liked it because it made me rethink history and a lot of what I was used to hearing, and made me realize that history could be whatever someone says it is. So dig deep and make sure you know your facts.

The Towering World of Jimmy Choo : Lauren Goldstein Crowe - A very business based book but rather interesting and I feel much more educated about real world things. This isn't for everyone but if you like fashion and/or business, I would recommend this book.

A Fine Night For Dying : Jack Higgins - My first book of his. Not perfect but easy to read and interesting enough.

The Lost Symbol : Dan Brown - A bit repetitive but so interesting and educational and mind blowing. Loveeed!

The Paris Option : Robert Ludlum, Gayle Lynds - I really liked this book. This was my first one by Robert Ludlum so I was a bit unsure of how it would be and if I would get bored or exhausted before I finished reading it. But it had a great story line and was rather addicting.

Common Sense : Thomas Paine  - Quick read and very mind opening. I am glad I finally got around to reading this and I'd recommend it to anyone.

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