Thursday, April 1, 2010

I've Been Fooled Twice Already And The Day Aint Over Yet

Yesterday I asked my husband if he thought he was loosing weight. He said yes. Then we went to the gym. Then later as we were going to bed he was like "Honey....I weighed myself at the gym and I actually gained 10 pounds." I was in shock and didn't know what to say. First, because we have been working on eating healthier and secondly, because he sure didn't look like he had gained weight. Booohhh April fools.

Then tonight I get home and get on my computer. Before I left today the computer had restarted after having a bit of trouble doing it, mainly because I had so many programs open. Anyways, I get on my computer and nothing was working. I couldn't click on any of my icons or open anything. The clock even said 5:50 and it was past 8:00. So I restarted it, not knowing what else to do. But it still didn't work. I kept calling my husband but he didn't reply because he had his head phones on but after much frustration I got up and got him to come take a look. He proceeds to April fools me again. He had taken a picture of my screen at 5:50, put it as my background, and hid all my real icons. Maybe this is commonly done in geeky computer circles but it sure got me. The good news is that I found out I have all these settings on my computer that I didn't even know about.

But booooo April fools.

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  1. haha those are awesome, Jon got you well. Did you do anything to get him?